How to activate the Google Authentication API for features?    
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Feb 22, 2018 01:18 PM
As you may know the Google Authentication API is required for the Messenger page type, in order to let the user login using their Google accounts. 

We will provide a tutorial on how you can add your application to the Google Authentication API. To do this please follow the steps below.

1. APIs & Services section

Go to APIs & Services section in your Google developer account:

There you will need to create new credentials. 
See below screenshots for more details:

2. Create client ID

Here you will need to Create the client ID and to choose the Android or iOS platform. 
See Screenshots for more details:


Here you will need just to specify the name and bundle ID, App Store ID and Team ID is optional.


Here you'll also need to specify your package name and SHA-1.

Package name is specified during submission process, step 8.4 in this tutorial.

3. Get the SHA-1 from your application (required for Android only).

The SHA-1 is specified in App Settings -> Platform specific options. 
See screenshot 3 for more details:

After you have done this, you won't need to update the application, or add to it any data. 

NOTE! For other Authentication options may be required to copy the Client ID and add it to the appropriate details in the app. The Client ID is provided once you click on Create in the OAuth client ID page. Note that you may need also to create the URL Scheme based on your Client ID. The URL Scheme is the actual reversed Client ID. 


googleoauth clientId="" 


These details can also be found when you access your OAuth 2.0 client IDs for the app in Developers ConsoleAfter you have added all the details and published your application you may need to fill the OAuth consent screen in your Google account. For more details consider to follow the Google regulations on this case.

Note that if you add the Messenger page type in Application Settings a new section will appear named "Social Authentication" You'll need to provide the related keys there. 

Here you can find the Messenger tutorial

Now users will be able to authorize in Messenger page type using their Google Account.