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Sep 09, 2020 09:40 AM

LinkList Page Type

In this tutorial we present you how the new 'Link List' page type works. 

Do you need to provide more (internal / external) links to your customers in a pretty arranged way?!

If you've answered 'YES' find our Link List page type in Marketplace.

'LinkList' is available for iOS and Android platform. 


So, let's start, once the page type has already been added :

1. Open page edit -> here you are able to add / delete / edit an item.

Each item is composed of -> Icon / Name / Description / Link.

Maximum number of items - 2000.


2. Click on '+' to add an item -> is opened a pop-up edit. 

Each item's field is required and editable. 

Icon - image may be uploaded from In-App Resources / Cloud Resources / Resource Gallery. If no custom image is added will be displayed a default one. 

Name - name of item, maximum nr of characters - 1024. 

Description - item's description, maximum nr of characters - 1024. 

Note! For name and description may be used different types of characters. 

Link - each item may be linked to a page / URL (which is opened into app) / External URL (which is opened in web page of default browser).



3. Background and text color of 'LinkList' page type may be customized from 'Edit Application Pages' -> choose 'style' option:


From here choose background and text color:



Request for a new build or 'Force Sync' and voila, your 'LinkList' looks different now:                                                            


4. In application all items are arranged alphabetically, as you can see in screenshot below.

Use search feature to find easily the result you need. To be more practically search may be done by name and description. 

Note! Search feature is case sensitive.



Consider to open a support ticket if you'll have any questions or issues.