Seattle Clouds Application Analytics    
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Feb 29, 2012 06:12 AM
Seattle Clouds Application Analytics is a powerful statistics tool for your application.

SC App Analytics has an user friendly interface and provide you with all information you need to know about your existing app. Also it could be a good proof of your well done job.

What makes Seattle Clouds App Analytics indispensable tool for everyone:

1. iOS and Android support
2. Real Time data about installed and activated times of your application.
3. Numbers of activated times using Device ID's 
4. Type of connections
5. OS version
6. Device Models
7. Screen size and screen density (dpi) 

With Seattle Clouds App Analytics data you can design applications for your target group and be prepared for marketing estimates.

You can find our free App Analytics tool in your application Dashboard, section page “Statistics”.


We classified SC App Analytics by several categories:

- Summary
- Events
- TOP 10 device metrics


Here you can find a quick statistics of your application how much time your app was installed, activated, how many days in use or statistics about type of connections and used IP.


In this category you can find a graph containing number of events for a set period of time.

You can change the “from”/”until” date by inserting in designed fields your date or choose it from the calendar button (1), also you can find here and zooming option (2) that's gives you the possibility to choose the graph display options by day/month/year.

TOP 10 device metrics 

1. Device ID sorted by number of activates.
2. Used IP Address  sorted by number of activates
3. iOS/Android version sorted by number of devices
4. Screen size sorted by number of devices
  * Small – small screen size Android devices
  * Normal – iPhone/iPod and normal Android phones or multimedia devices
  * Large – 7” Android tablets
  * Extra Large – iPad and 9”-11” Tablets
5. Device model sorted by number of devices
6. Screen density (dpi – dots per inch) sorted by number of devices

Nov 01, 2012 05:03 AM

Why is such a difference with the numbers compare the Seattle Clouds statistics to Android Developer Console & iTunes Connect.

For example on the 31. October  for one of my app Seattle Clouds statistic shows 300 installs – Android Developer statistics show 260 installs, it may be the different time closing but the general numbers of all installs and activate have a big difference.   

Nov 01, 2012 05:56 AM
Hi, Theofilos 

Thank you for your question.

Please note that Google Developer Statistics are relative. On the over hand, Up To Date statistics of your app you can find in Seattle Clouds Application Analytics.

Nov 01, 2012 06:31 AM
ok thank you