How to sign up for a subscription plan    
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Feb 15, 2012 08:29 AM

How to sign up for a subscription plan?

If you have created an application on SeattleCloud platform and would like to publish it on AppStore or Google Play Store is required to have an active subscription plan.

How to activate a subscription, please follow the instructions bellow:
1. At first Register or Login into your account on SeattleCloud and go to 'Plans & Prices' page.
Here you are free to choose a subscription plan on your choice. 
2. Select a subscription plan with monthly billing or yearly billing by clicking GET STARTED.
PayPal and Credit Card payments are available. Choose payment method that you prefer and you will be redirected to either PayPal or Credit Card subscription page. Login under your account and make the payment. 
1 - PayPalpurchasing subscription plan using your PayPal profile.
2 - use a Credit Card purchasing subscription plan by Credit Card. 
We have pleasure to announce that we have released a new functional that lets you manage Credit Cards you have used on SeattleCloud platform -> Cards Manager.
Go to Profile -> Subscriptions -> in the upper part find 'Manage Cards' -> Here you are able to:

- add Credit Card
- edit Credit Card
- delete Credit Card (* that has never been used to purchasing a subscription plan)
- purchase subscription plan(s) / Ads / Rich Push easier, through just one click. 
2.1 - If you don't have any Credit Cards in your SeattleCloud account:
Click on 'New Card' -> appear a pop-up where you should add Credit Cards credentials -> Save.

2.2 - In case you have used Credit Cards before on SeattleCloud platform, on Cards Manager you'll find all your cards: 
In order to add a new card -> click on 'New Card' -> a pop-up appears and fill in all fields and Save the credentials. 
Note! Is allowed to add up to 10 Credit Cards. 
3. Once you've chosen a subscription plan is opened a page where you are able to select one of your Credit Cards -> click on 'Submit' -> finish the order.
4. After payment has been completed, open your 'Subscriptions' page, the current subscription will show its status, recurring amount, etc.
Once subscription has been activated you can add app(s) to your subscription plan.
5. Click on Plan name to view apps covered by your subscription.
Under the list of apps click on link to add an application to the plan:
Select from your projects the app that you want to add and click ADD button:
Once the app has been added it will be displayed in the list of your apps covered by the current subscription:
Until the first build/submission to App Store will be made, the app can be removed from plan.
After the build request will be processed the app's status becomes 'Locked'.
In order to unlock it, please contact us.
                                         Consider to open a support ticket if you'll have any questions or issues.
                                                             THANK YOU FOR USING SEATTLECLOUD!