How to add a new application to your plan?    
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Oct 05, 2020 12:45 PM

How to add a new application to your plan?


Does your app is ready for release? 

If so, firstly add application to an active subscription plan, after that request for a new submission process.

In this tutorial we'll get familiar with the process of adding new application(s) to a subscription plan:

1. First of all, choose and purchase a plan that better fit with your needs.

Find all available plans HERE , also you may compare Plan's Features

2. Once subscription is purchased go to 'Profile'  and find 'Subscriptions' section  


3. Open one of active subscriptions and find 'click here' button

4. Is opened 'Add App to Plan' page, here is need to:

4.1 - choose the application

4.2 - choose subscription plan which is need to add app to, then click on 'Add' button


Now the application is paid and belongs to chosen subscription plan (ex. Platinum monthly).


5. Alternative way of adding new app to subscription plan is -> during submission request:

5.1 - from 'Application Dashboard' click -> 'PUBLISH'

5.2 - from here also is opened 'Add App to Plan' page with a list of active subscription plans. Choose one of presented subscriptions and click on 'Add'. 

Application is added to chosen subscription plan. 


Application ( iOS / Android ) that belongs to an active subscription plan is ready for the submission process and publishing on Store. 

       Consider to open a support ticket if you'll have any questions or issues.
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