Augmented Reality Page Type Tutorial    
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Apr 18, 2019 01:37 PM
Hello Seattlecloud customers! 

We are glad to announce that a new feature with AR technology is released.

For Seattlecloud it's a new Augmented Reality technology and we want to bring it live.

Augmented Reality is a page type that allows user to detect a surface and place 3D objects on it, after which user can take photos with these items and share the pictures.

Now we'll provide details on how to add this page and how to use it.

Adding the Augmented Reality feature.

This page type can be found in the Marketplace.

Search for Augmented Reality.

Choose the feature and add it to your application.

In the opened editor there are no options as this is a Native Feature.

Now once added we can link it to a menu item and proceed to submission.

How does this feature look and work in the live application?

In the live application, first you'll have to provide permissions to use the device storage in order to save photos and to use camera in order to take photos.

In the main menu you will see 2 buttons one is for Gallery and other one is for Camera.

Choose camera and you'll see the actual camera. First you'll need to move your device in order for the camera to detect the surface. Once done, you will see white dots on the surface the camera has detected. 

In this surface you'll be able to place the 3D objects listed at the bottom of the camera. Now choose an area where you want to place the objects and move the white dots to it. You can select an object and it will instantly appear on the surface. 

You can add as many objects as you need. Once done you can select the camera and take a picture. Pictures will be saved in your Gallery. 

The taken photos can be shared via social networks or email. That is almost it.

There are a few mentions though.

The new page type is available at the moment for Android only. This new Augmented Reality technology at the moment is supported not by all devices and not all users will be able to use this new feature. It is supported from Android 7.0, but still for some devices have more requirements and these need the Android 8.0 or higher with AR Core by GoogleMore details about the supported devices can be found here. Users will have to get the latest ARCore from Play Store in order to use this feature. 

At the moment you need to request a build in order to verify the new feature. AR couldn't be tested using the Android Previewer as it's not yet updated. In a short period of time the Live Android Previewer'll be updated and you'll be able to check this new feature using it.

More updates for Augmented Reality feature will come in the future updates, same as the iOS version.

Hope you'll like this new feature.

Consider to open a support ticket if you'll have any questions or issues. 


Apr 27, 2019 05:13 AM
awesome will try it

Jun 12, 2019 08:05 PM
Thanks for this great addition to the page types of SC, but I wonder what is the point / benefit of it? for what purpose it could be used?


Thank you for your feedback. 

With this page type users can take pictures with AR items and share these same as in Camera Cover & Photo Effect features. 

Best regards,
SC Team