Branded Previewers for Publishers    
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Jun 13, 2013 05:06 AM

All SeattleCloud's publisher subscribers have their branded previewer applications to express their identity as a company. Using such previewer you will be able to preview the applications on  real devices by downloading the previewer from the App Store. Previewer applications have to be submitted to the stores as normal applications, they will have to undergo a review.

How to customise a previewer application?

By default you will get 4 previewer applications on your Publisher account. These are as following:

- iPhonePreviewer

- iPadPreviewer

- AndroidPreviewer

- KindlePreviewer

Previewer app is not just a simple app, it is a hardcoded tool that has a very little things to be modified. 

You cannot use these options from Previewer app's dashboard to customise such application/tool: 

- Backup/ Restore

- Edit Pages 
- Page Settings 

- Design Properties 

- Navigation Settings 

- Newsstand Properties / Content Publishing 

- Class Manager

Therefore, you can modify your previewer application by following the steps below. All these steps provide information how to design a branded application and not how to change the code of the previewer application (do not try to modify the app's code, as you may broke it). All modifications are design changes and not technical one.   

        1) My Applications -> iPhonePreviewer's Dashboard -> AppStore Properties 

            Here you need to fill-in fields with your app information and resources.

        2) My Applications -> iPhonePreviewer's Dashboard -> App Multimedia 

            Here you have to upload App's Graphics such as application's icons and splash screen images for your Previewer Application.

        3) Last step is to replace all "SAMPLE" resources that are not listed in AppStore Properties or App Multimedia.

Go to My Applications -> iPhonePreviewer's Dashboard -> Edit Pages -> Resource Manager - Here you will need just to replace all "SAMPLE" images and icons from Resource Manager (file names are Key Sensitive). Replace these images with your company's logo (previewer_help_logo.png; previewer_logo.png; previewer_sync_logo.png) and company's information (previewer_help.png)

Images you need to change:

previewer_help_logo.png - 28x28px
previewer_help.png - from 320x640 px
previewer_logo.png - from 320x50px
previewer_sync_logo.png - 28x28px

**NOTE: You should customise your Previewers as is described in this step-by-step tutorial. Any other customisations will break this tool and will make it useless. You can not Synchronize this tool from the App Dashboard and can not Duplicate a Previewer. You will not be able to publish a previewer app if you'll change the AppID.

How to publish a previewer application?

For publishing a previewer application you'll need to add it in your Active Publisher Subscription. 

Also, please choose in submission process the "Build & Publish under my account" option. (Step 3.3 in "How to publish your app on App Store." tutorial )

Jun 13, 2013 05:30 AM
but if our customers download the app see all our jobs or I can show to everyone just a preview of your app?
This is just a previewer app like SeattleClouds previewer. You'll need to login to see apps using it.

Jun 13, 2013 04:51 PM
My app is up and it is a great tool, just give your client the restricted access login and passsword and they will only see their app.

My only gripe is that is not really a brandless app, as in the info section which is not editable it mentions that the app is for Seattle Clouds, infact it mentions Seattle Clouds 4 times, so it kind of defeats the purpose.

Thank you John for your feedback. Regarding the About tab (info) please be informed that now this tab is customizable (Step 3 in this tutorial). After that, please submit a new version of your previewer application. If you need additional information or assistance regarding the issue above, please feel free to contact us.

Jun 14, 2013 05:53 AM

As normal, service is amazing really glad that we can now fully brand as ours. Now its an amazing tool for showing clients without the hassel of an adhoc build and install.

Thank you for your feedback.

Jul 06, 2013 02:48 PM
hello ,will it be available for the unlimited apps one time payment .thank you 
Hello, Georges. Please be informed that these previewers are available for Unlimited Apps ($1447.97) pre paid subscription.

Oct 19, 2014 03:37 AM
Whats with this for the Android App?

Google Maps API Key is required for previewer apps. Please set it in Platform Specific Options section of your Application Settings.

Do i skip it or try to Add it?
Hello Simon,

Please generate your own Google Maps Android API v2 key for the Android previewer. Here you can find a step by step tutorial:


Oct 19, 2014 03:59 AM

previewer_help_logo.png - 28x28px
previewer_help.png - from 320x640 px
previewer_logo.png - from 320x50px
previewer_sync_logo.png - 28x28px

my app only shows -about- -logo- in the resources, where are all the other?

Oct 20, 2014 04:13 AM
Hello Simon,

Please note that these files are just for iOS Previewer app version. For Android Previewer and Kindle Previewer you just need to customise the previewer_about.png and previewer_logo.png files. 

Best regards,

Nov 22, 2014 01:40 PM
I do not understand how to Customize the About tab (info) as was mentioned above. I have looked very carefully and can not figure this out. Where is this?

Also, are there any other mentions of SeattleClouds in these apps? I do not mind if there are, I would just like to know.


For the about tab it is used: previewer_help.png image for iOS Previewers and previewer_about.png for Android Previewers.

Best regards,

No SC mention.

Dec 09, 2014 06:33 AM
When publishing this app what do we do for app screenshots?
Request a manual build and we'll send the app with the screenshots on the App Store.