Check-In Page Tutorial    
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May 24, 2013 10:18 AM

Check-In Page Type

Check-In page type allows to check in using Facebook page from any location. In order to add a new Check-In page to the application, go to Edit Pages Mode from app's Dashboard, click on the "+" Add New Page button. Find the page by its name using the search. Add to the application.

1 = Name

Type in the location name that will appear on Facebook Wall

2 = Address

Set the address of the location

3 = Telephone

Set a number

4 = Latitude

Set the latitude coordinate

5 = Longitude

Set the longitude coordinate

6 = Description

Set a description of the location

!!! Make sure that you set the right coordinates for the location. They must match with the user geographical position nearby the location.

The easiest way to get the coordinates of a location is to use "What's here?"  function from Google Maps website.

Since this page is related to Facebook, you need to set Facebook API Key in Dashboard -> App Settings -> Facebook.

In order to a get a FB API Key, you will have to create an application on your Facebook Developer account. It will take just a few minutes to create an app. Log into your Facebook account and go to the Facebook Developer page.

Please follow this tutorial in order to create the Facebook API Key for the needed platform. 


On Facebook website, the post will look as follows. 

Mar 17, 2014 01:58 AM
Hi Victor,

Is this available for Android yet?

Mar 19, 2014 07:49 AM
Hello Will,

At the moment this page is available only for iOS.

best regards,
SC Team.