How to Design your app    
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Jan 03, 2020 12:34 PM

How to Design your app


Make your application recognizable for all people to get more faithful customers. You are free to choose any Template for your app and customize it following your own design. 

Open the Application Dashboard, here you'll find more menus that'll help you create, design and popularize the final app.


1. Edit Pages submenu which opens all app's pages in edit mode. 

Here are 4 types of page(s) editing options:



1 - Edit in this section there are tools that help to edit a page of the application. This Edit page consists of 4 blocks:

1.1. Code edit - you are allowed to edit source code of page, the functional part in HTML and style in CSS. 


1.2. Layout Elemets - here you can insert an element directly to the append: image, button, menu items (choose one of existing options), DIV (put your content here), columns and text. In order to insert one of the elements just click on it, after this it places double click on it and the configuration window will open.


1.3. Design Toolbox - allowed to design text style, images, edit the info, insert different links / video / iframe / songs / shopping cart / PayPal and Favorite buttons. Details about each particular item you can Find HERE in step (33)


1.4. Edit 'X' Page - this is the area in the left part of the page, the interface of this is varying in dependence of the page. Here you can find the settings that are attributed to this kind of page type.

2 - Edit HTML code in separate window  - will be opened a window were you are able individual to edit the source code of the page type.

3 - Design Page Style  - allow to edit the current HTML code without codding. Here you can edit: 

- Background Image / Color / Repeat it / Clip / select the Origin / Size

- Body Margin / Padding 

- Font Size / Family / Style / Variant / Weight 

- Text Color / Align / Direction

- Tap Color

- Line Height

- Letter Spacing 

- White Space

- Word Spacing

- Link Color

- Visited Color

2. (4) - Page Settings -  - here you can setup the page's features, as:

4.1. - Navigation Bar - Title and Logo of page

4.2. - Transition - the animation that will be displayed at page trasition 

4.3. - Flick - the way of page slide

4.4. - Ratings - 5 stars rating system, your customers assess your app

4.5. - Sharing - ways of app's sharing

4.6. - Web View - ways of page displaying

4.7. - Hosted Resources - uploaded files that will be displayed on this page

3. Design Properties has the same settings as Design Style, but in this case you are editing the whole app so it applies for all page types.

4. Navigation Settings, here you choose the navigation style of your app. More details about how to use each style find HERE .

5. Application Settings is a submenu where you are allowed to set up the behavior of the app

6. App Style allows to change general color of the app: Base Theme, App Bar, Tab Bar, Side Menu Color.

Also, any time you can return to default settings by clicking on 'Reset to Default'.


7. App Multimedia is submenu where you complete the multimedia info for your app like App Store / Google Play Market like App Icons, Splash Screen and Notification Icons.

    Once you feel that you have created best version of your application do not hesitate to publish it to Google Play Store or AppStore


Consider to open a support ticket if you'll have any questions or issues.