NEW Ad System! Google DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP)    
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Sep 12, 2013 01:16 PM
According to your feedbacks and opinions, we've added a new Ad System in our App Builder. Now you can use the Google DoubleClick For Publishers (DFP) for monetizing your free or paid apps. 

Please follow these steps in order to add the DoubleClick For Publishers banners in your app.

1. Register on Google DoubleClick For Publishers website:

2. Get the DFP banner Tag.

          2.1 Go to DFP website ( ) Inventory Tab.

          2.2 Choose a banner from your existent Unit List or create a new Unit list  Click on the ad banner name.

          2.3 Click on the "Generate Tags" button.

          2.4 IMPORTANT! Tag Type: Mobile Applications. Do not forget to copy the Ad Unit ID because you'll need to add it in your Application Settings on SeattleClouds website.

3. Add the Ad Unit ID in your app (App Dashboard  Application Settings → DFP)

4. Enable the DFP banners in your app pages. (App Dashboard  Page Settings  Ad Banners)

Sep 26, 2013 07:42 AM
Is it working for all adsense and working for iOS/Android as well? It does not show anything from my end.
Yes, this Ad System is working for Android and iOS apps.