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May 27, 2020 12:08 PM

A new update was rolled out to SeattleCloud Platform today.

- Google AdMob Native Ads available for Android Platform now.
- Google AdMob Consent Form available now for Android Platform.
- Beta Testers.
- App Binaries moved to CND and added versioning.
- Notification URL for Publishers.

- Dictionary Page Type Search bar overlap issue fixed on iOS.
- WLW user were not able to preview apps inside their account, related to grace period, fixed.
- Changes from Application Style were not applied in live app on Android, fixed.
- Fixed FaceBook Native Banners on Android, small issue with top banner.
- Fixed Booking emails, related to WLW SMTP. Now emails are received depending on SMTP settings and it's presence.
- Fixed Radio Stream Page Type on Android. In previewer Play/Stop buttons were not working as expected.
- jQueryMobile fixed issue with background image on Android.
- Fixed Login and Register Page Type on Web, some options were not visible if name or email is too long.
- Fixed known IP-s field from Edit Profile.

- Added more info in iOS SDK, guidance ( Readme ) info how to use SWIFT inside module.
- AppLoader tutorial was updated.
- Announcement Page Type on iOS now has support for Rich Push Content.
- Improved SeattleCloud Help Page, reliability, mobile friendly optimization and speed.
- Added character limit while create/update a ticket.
- Improved FeedBack Page Type on Android. Added more space betweenList/MultiList items.
- Improved Map Page Type page editor.
- Homepage improvements, reliability and speed.

- Improved Monetization Dashboard. Now paid and unpaid features are shown together.
- Removed RevMob AdProvider from SeattleCloud and WLW.
- Updated Authorize.NET SDK used on SeattleCloud and WLW.

Best regards,
SC Team