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Jan 30, 2020 02:15 PM

A new update was rolled out to SeattleCloud Platform today.

- Christmas Menu Page Type.

- Unable to add a html file to phone section when creating a new page type, fixed.
- Fixed forum threads titles on Edge and Internet Explorer.
- Fixed issue related to Categories in FAQ Page Type.
- Fixed Element Editor issues related to jQuery.
- Fixed FeedBack Page Type fields, in some cases they were not showed as expected on Android Platform.
- Fixed request SDK Option from submission process for Paid Applications.
- Fixed gender field from Edit Profile.

- Added a human readable error message for apps using the same bundle id. 
- Added Email confirmation popup window.
- Add resource picker for Radio Streaming
- Improvements for reliability and speed to FaceApp Module.
Improvements for reliability and speed to QR Code Image after AdHoc Build is generated.
- Rich Push Notifications for iOS, improved logic over button creation.
- Small improvements over home page for small screen devices.
- Map Page Type, updated default media resources.

Stay tuned for more great new features!

Best regards,
SC Team