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Jan 14, 2020 03:23 PM

A new update was rolled out to SeattleCloud Platform today.

- FaceApp Page Type
- FAQ Page Type
- Added QR Code Image in download page for Instant AdHoc Build Type.
- Feature Deprecation option which will allow SeattleCloud to inform which features are not longer supported or will not be offered any update.

Technology and customer needs change quickly, and we understand that it could impact your business.  With that in mind, we have been fairly conservative about which features we deprecate or discontinue support for.
In order to deliver new features to you - and continue to support the features you love - with the best experience possible, we need to be mindful of the tools and features that are no longer being used on a wide-scale level.
We give as much advance notice as possible through proactive communication.

- Fixed timestamp for forum posts.
- My Application filter option fixed.
- Fixed the correct URL for iOS Push Notifications technical documentation.
- Replaced wrong media resources from homepage while surfing on mobile.

- Added AdMob Support for PDF Editor, PDF Reader on Android Platform.
- Added winter AR forms in Augmented Reality.
- Added new buttons in submission process for more intuitive experience.

Stay tuned for more great new features!

Best regards,
SC Team