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Feb 28, 2017 01:03 PM

To Our Valued Clients:

It is with much anticipation and excitement that we deliver this long overdue announcement.   MobileSoft, Inc., a leading provider of software services in the mobile industry, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Seattle Clouds.

MobileSoft is a global technology leader based in Minneapolis, MN USA, with offices in Silicon Valley, Las Vegas, Houston,  Atlanta, Sao Paulo, Brazil and now Chisinau, Moldova.    

Our core business philosophy:  To create an innovative ecosystem that allows our clients to engage, interact, and retain their markets.  We accomplish this by use of mobile app technology, enhanced video services, and other mobile technologies that Mobilesoft may develop or acquire in the future. 

The acquisition of Seattle Clouds furthers our position in the ever growing competitive global mobile application marketplace.  The combination of the Seattle Clouds platform and MobileSoft’s other business entities with allow us to deliver new product enhancements, tools, and resources to our valued publisher base.  

As with any important business decision, it will be our focus to immediately address some of the concerns voiced by you.   With that said, our team is pleased to announce the recovery of 99.5% of all lost data files from the outage in Q4 2016.   The Development Team is working diligently to build a secure environment to allow all effected customers the ability to recover their lost data files and optionally restore them back to their builder accounts.    We are also pleased to announce that MobileSoft is committed to upgrading the SC platform and infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS).   Mobilesoft and its affiliate companies have over 200 AWS server instances around the world. As a valued global partner of Amazon, our team has already begun the building and migration of services to AWS.  This new infrastructure implementation will insure minimal effects (if any at all) in the event of a network outage or system failure. 

The most valuable asset any organization can have is the people that make things run smoothly on a daily basis.   We very much value the Seattle Clouds brand and existing team and will continue to support and grow the business.   As was mentioned in the community forum, we will be hiring additional staff to assist with app builds to help keep up with the ever growing demands of the publisher base.  

Furthermore, Seattle Clouds will continue to operate under the same brand for the immediate future and maintain its Eastern European headquarters, with the full support of a global management team that has over 40 years of combined technology management experience.     Our team is excited and fully committed to the Seattle Clouds business model and further enhancements and growth of the company.    With any new business acquisition, the core focus is the customer base.  We have seen the voiced concerns you have presented in the Community Forums and value your input.  The management team is addressing those issues to insure you continue to value the Seattle Clouds brand and identify MobileSoft as a valued business partner to help you succeed in the mobile application industry.  We look forward to delivering consistent customer communication in the future and continuing to foster our business relationship with you, our valued customers. 




MobileSoft Management Team  

Feb 28, 2017 09:52 PM

I wish you all the best .


Feb 28, 2017 11:16 PM
Greetings Mobilesoft,
Thanks so much for the update and for your promise of ongoing commitment to the SC platform. In my opinion the SC app building platform is one of the most competitive and most user friendly options out there so it is great news to hear that you are committed to upgrading the infrastructure, adding more support staff and developing some new features in the months ahead. The recent addition of the Booking Module is shaping up to be a cool new feature. I wonder if perhaps Mobilesoft could make a way for SC users to suggest some features that our clients would appreciate which might be different than the features Mobilesoft requires for their own use. Just a thought to help the SC platform become even better.

Best Regards
Rick Graham

Mar 01, 2017 03:49 AM
Hi Mobilesoft,

At last - communication!  

Congratulations upon your purchase.

It looks like you have read our concerns and that you intend to do something about it. The applications outage has had a dramatic, stressful and costly effect on many of your customers. It was probably a difficult time for the Seattlclouds staff, too.

It is reassuring to read that you have a roadmap to improving the situation.  We all look forward to the Seattleclouds platform being sorted out, all the bugs removed and new features being added.

Please keep communicating with us so we know where we are with things.  

Kind regards,


Mar 09, 2017 12:13 AM
Welcome and all the best.


Mar 15, 2017 02:41 PM
Hello, the service here is quite garbage. Simple questions can't get answered or are very vague. If you can improve that, that would be amazing. 

This whole system is to develop apps for beginners 'no code' etc, but we can't even get simple help.

Mar 21, 2017 06:21 AM
You say: This new infrastructure implementation will insure minimal effects (if any at all) in the event of a network outage or system failure.

I have some bad news:

On March 19, Cloud Resources became empty and stopped working

In support they say that it will take 10 working days to recover the cloud resources ... Is this a serious response or is it a joke?

In Seattle Cloud everything fails ... We ask for an urgent solution ... Your service is not free ... We pay for a service that is not provided in the right way

MobileSoft .... Today is the time to demonstrate that are a great company, offering a quick solution to the new problem of Cloud Resources
First and foremost. We understand your frustration. As you know there were certain things out of our control (i.e. Hardware failure from Data Center vendors). We are working on a "quick" but stable solution for the recovery of Cloud Resources. Understand, that are doing everything from our side to fix this situation fast.

Current Status:
We started the transferring process of the Cloud Resources files from SoftLayer (with a hard with bad sectors) to AWS.
Size of all Cloud Resources - 1....

In the last year the hardware of your data center has failed 4 times .... Is this normal?

Seattle Cloud is unlucky?

Do not hire the right vendor to lower costs? ... Or is there no reliable data center?

Why do not they make backup copies? ... For saving costs? ... Or what is the reason?

You do have some responsibility ... Even if you want to make us think that it is something that is out of your control

Chill, Apps. Yes, SC is unlucky but then who can predict a data crash like that. It could happen remotely to any hosting companies. And yes they have backup copies, what you have been waiting since Dec 16 until Apr 17 is the recovery of backup copy, which I believe comes in amount of Terabytes. After all, SC home page shows more than 725,000 apps published. If each individual apps are assumed to be in the range of 10mb size (like most of my apps), calculate 725,000 x 10mb = 7,25 Terabytes! That'...