New Featute: URL-defined Page Parameters    
This topic is assigned to Victor Robu

Sep 29, 2016 08:20 AM
Hi there!

Is there a lot of PDF files in your app? And to show each one you should create separate pages? Now you can create single PDF Reader page and pass PDF files through url parameter!

Assuming you've create PDF Reader page pdf_reader.html and you want to show 2 PDFs:
LittleRedRidinghood_fr.pdf and LittleRedRidinghood_de.pdf (files should be already uploaded to your app using Resource Manager).

Now add two links to your index.html
<a href="pdf_reader.html?pdffile=LittleRedRidinghood_fr.pdf">Le Petit Chaperon rouge</a>
<a href="pdf_reader.html?pdffile=LittleRedRidinghood_de.pdf">Rotkäppchen</a>

With url-defined page parameters you can override any page parameter from app.xml. For example to change page title you can add title-parameter to you urls:
<a href="pdf_reader.html?pdffile=LittleRedRidinghood_fr.pdf&title=Le+Petit+Chaperon+rouge">Le Petit Chaperon rouge</a>
<a href="pdf_reader.html?pdffile=LittleRedRidinghood_de.pdf&title=Rotk%C3%A4ppchen">Rotkäppchen</a>

Please note that all parameters should be url-encoded.

For now this feature is supported by these page types: PDF Reader, PDF Editor
and it works on Android only. But soon it will appear on iOS too.

Also all other page types will support this feature over time. Please tell us which page type you want to be next.

Save your time, use url-defined page parameters!