GPS Tracking Calorie Counting..Efforts.. Status    
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Jun 21, 2016 11:42 AM
Can anyone speak to the status of progress on this platform? I have a reseller I bought from who I can't get to reply as to why I can no longer back up and restore apps. The last response is that there were upgrades being done. This was almost three (3) months ago and I haven't heard anything since. 
I have an app I need to create but need features which don't appear to be available here. For instance: 
GPS Tracking - is it possible to track user movements, like walking or running? Show the route taken by a user during a walk.
Calorie Counting - I see a BMI Calculator but if I install it and click it I get an error in the URL. Bad documentation doesn't appear to help.
Notification Alerts - say I add a GPS coupon for a client offering a discount. If a person is in vacinity of that coupon can they get an alert showing the location pin on the map?

I see where tons of apps are being created with these features so I have to wonder if this platform is just behind in implementing new features. For instance I see where a template was loaded in Jan 2016 but nothing since. Six (6) months into the year and not a whole lot. Oh yea, Pollfish; Admob? It seems like it takes months to get responses and there's little to no community chatter amongst members. This would normally help as the understanding is that you guys are "busy" so we'd communicate and help ourselves. So far I've only gotten one app built and need to create others but features don't appear to work. I jump from Zapable to SC but there doesn't appear to be any movement. I'd be interested in becoming a reseller but won't waste that money if I can't move your product.

Any responses appreciated.