Progressive Web App - Add To Home Screen    
This topic is assigned to Victor Robu

Dec 05, 2017 09:53 AM

As the dawn of 4.2.6 arrives, comes also the end of iOS apps for app builders like us. I started moving forward, offering Web App to clients instead due to speed and ease of use.

3 things to be noted though that makes other app builders ahead of the curve:

- iOS Safari (iPhone & iPad) still lacks Service Workers to enable us integrating with web push provider such as OneSignal. It was mentioned that Apple is already 'working on it' though, so I suggest Seattle Clouds & Mobile Soft start the road map in integrating it once Apple release the compatibility.

- Add to Home Screen feature. Currently the builder lack this feature, which is a normal thing to have in a PWA. And not just a regular css/html pop-up, but including javascript that can detect user's sessions, preventing add to home screen pop-ups from annoying users for the second session onwards.

- Native-like feature. I would like to encourage 2 features to be developed asap, that would be "back button" fixed to a top banner (make it as close as possible to current ios top banner), and as well as improve the "loyalty rewards" which is currently available only on native app (make it better, such as integrating with user login capability, etc).