Apple lifts ban on use of commercial app making platforms    
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Dec 22, 2017 07:43 PM

SeattleCloud™ is happy to announce that Apple lifted its recent ban regarding templated apps on the App Store.

Now what does that mean for us? Well, Apple originally enacted this policy in early September in an effort to reduce the number of low quality and spam apps on the App Store. It seems that Apple didn’t quite understand or predict how this would affect and impact small business, nonprofits and others with small budgets. Such organizations were unable to spend the tens of thousands of dollars needed to develop a purely custom mobile app and overcome the template generation ban.


Now if you remember the 4.2.6 App Store guideline stated that, “Apps created from a commercialized template or app generation service will be rejected”


Now Apple has changed that and added this to the new 4.2.6 guideline, “Apps created from a commercialized template or app generation service will be rejected unless they are submitted directly by the provider of the app’s content. These services should not submit apps on behalf of their clients and should offer tools that let their clients create customized, innovative apps that provide unique customer experiences”.


What this now means is that the customer has to create their own Apple Developer

Account and will have to publish their app through their own channel rather than have the developer do it for them. As a result, the app will be published by the business or organization behind it, who will also be required to review the App Store documentation and licensing agreement themselves. Moreover, if you are a nonprofit or a government agency, Apple will waive the $99 developer fee to try and make this transition easier for you and your establishment.


The situation with Apple was prompted by large amounts of duplicated and spam apps flooding the App Store, many of which were generated via a template service. Apple viewed such apps as diluting the quality and innovation of the App Store, while simultaneously making it harder for users to discover truly creative, custom and useful apps. In response, the company implemented a heavy handed ban on all template generated apps. After receiving feedback from US Congressman, mobile app industry leaders, small business owners and users, Apple thankfully reconsidered and reversed the ban against all templated app services.


Apple’s newly worded policy provides more clarity on the matter, but it doesn’t really change Apple’s prior intention and continued focus on only accepting quality mobile apps into the App Store. If your app is essentially a complete clone of an existing app, or if it provides very little original value, then it still runs the real risk of getting rejected from the App Store.  Developers, designers, small business owners, non-profits and others should always aim to create the best possible mobile application for their users, which is fortunately a simple and affordable process with SeattleCloud™.   We look forward to continued growth of new features and products in 2018 on the SeattleCloud™ platform.  

This company is a fraud and you will regret it like thousands of other customers. Joe "ghenedie" will screw your app sooner or later. Might as well move to another company rather than this company. They will steal your customer data. You will work for months/years and your app will disappear overnight without any reasons.

Do not work with this company

Dec 22, 2017 08:50 PM
Good News MobileSoft.

Are you going to reinstate instant builds for iOS so that we will be able to download the SDK and upload to the App store ourselves? 



Dec 22, 2017 11:29 PM
This is the greatest news ever since the ban. We are sooooo happy to hear that we can now again publish apps to the Apple store. 

Thank you MobileSoft for your great caring and reacting to this issue. Please now to provide us with more updated pages and features (specially DB connectivity), and to resume enabling downloading the package files so we can upload them to apple store. 

Jan 01, 2018 05:31 PM

Mobilesoft, at least consider lifting the app builder review process and allow us to process the build ourselves. It was very clear back during Apple's initial 4.2.6 that no matter what apps we created and build approved by you, Apple was still rejecting on grounds that apps are created using app builder.

Now Apple is being somewhat lenient over this issue, we apps developer are already clear on what we should/shouldn't do, having an additional 1-2 days review time from app builder will slow down our business considerably.

Hence we respectfully request the removal of this review process. Let Apple be the authority to decide approval / rejection of apps.

We thank you in advance for your consideration. Cheers...

Jan 02, 2018 04:11 PM
Any new developments MobileSoft? What's the 2018 road map look like. Please give us some definitive good news that will encourage us to "believe again" in the app building business dream! When can we start using live build on iOS and have the ability to download our own SDK for uploading to Apple? Give us the ability to succeed or fail on our own merits. I know that I can design mobile apps that are every bit as good as the apps being produced by MobileSoft, so please give us the creative ability to start building our iOS portfolio again. Thanks MobileSoft!  Happy New Year!


Jan 03, 2018 06:53 AM
1.) Is there anyway around forcing every single one of our clients, from having to create their own Apple Developer account? i.e. Developing our clients apps in Xcode for example... anything.. what are the parameters?

2.) If they must create their own 'Apple Developer' accounts [even though they are not developers, nor do they develop, nor have time, nor have the resources, nor care to].

A. Must our clients create their own certificates and provisioning profiles in order to 'submit' their app for 'review'?
i. We will be doing this for them either way, or at minimum 'training' our clients. What is best method?

B. If not, how would they [WE] be able to submit their app for review?

C. Is there anything preventing us [developer/designer] from using our client login info, to do everything on their behalf [after they have gone through the extensive Apple Developer sign-up process], wasting time, money, and turning potential clients away?

3.) Who is having success currently, designing, and publishing iPhone Apps for their clients? If so how?

4.) Has anyone had success selling their clients on alternative methods? i.e. PWA, MWA, 'All same types of businesses on 1 aggregated App'?? (really? simply ridiculous Apple.. 'hey small business, would you like a mobile app? I mean.. would you like to pay to be on my aggregated app? You know.. it wouldn't be "your" app. You would be like "every other similar business" listed on only mine :D Like the popular Yellow Pages... except.. errr.. nevermind.')

5.) Has anyone thought about, or attempted forming a Class Action Lawsuit? [Apple is a publicly traded company, open to federal, marketplace, and anti-trust regulations] Any stock holders on the board?

6.) What happened to 'Think Different'? Apple now: "Think the same as we do. Or else you get nothing."

7.) Where is Steve Jobs? [missing... sad? or the beginning of something new beyond Apple.] Heh

Steve Jobs 1980 Original Apple Computer Vision

Jan 04, 2018 04:58 PM
Is anyone else still receiving 4.2.6 rejections from new submissions? We've received several and they see to be indicating that they want the end user/app owner to be the one to submit the app, not have it submitted by Seattle Cloud.

Every app we've submitted since the reopen has been rejected for 4.2.6. Is anyone else having any luck?

Jan 04, 2018 07:15 PM
And this would be a great place for MobileSoft to give us an update! How about it MobileSoft? MobileSoft? Hello is anyone there? 

Jan 05, 2018 10:29 AM
Hi again MobileSoft.

I’m just wondering how close you are to meeting the new Apple requirements for app development as stated on the Apple Developer site and referenced in your comments above. We really need to know what’s going on. Thanks guys.


Jan 05, 2018 01:03 PM

As you may know Seattleclouds has the SDK option which can be also used for editing and submission purposes.

Related to the new guidelines updates as announced "apps created from a commercialized template or app generation service will be rejected unless they are submitted directly by the provider of the app’s content.":

The owner of the application should submit the application on his own account. Details also provided in the article. If you will have any related rejects consider to mention them in a support ticket, so we will investigate. Note that in addition you may need to prove to Apple Review Team that you are the owner, in this case you may use the Review notes to provide more details prior the submission regarding the ownership.

Hope this information will help you.

SC Support Team
So Apple wants apps to be submitted by their owners, but you force us to submit our apps via Seattle Clouds (against Apple's instructions)? This doesn't make sence

Jan 05, 2018 01:36 PM

At the moment we do not consider a good idea to enable back the 'Instant Build' submission type for iOS Apps.

Apple started the war with App Builders Platforms mostly because of the Low Quality/Duplicated/Spam Apps which were delivered to the store.

Thanks to our Build Engineers we can control the quality of apps which are delivered, submitted to the store.

Best regards,
SC Team
So Apple wants apps to be submitted by their owners, but you force us to submit our apps via Seattle Clouds (against Apple's instructions)? This doesn't make sence.

Jan 10, 2018 05:39 AM
Really, in my opinion,  you have no idea what constitutes a good app. I feel that you need to employ engineers who are not from Eastern Europe as you don't seem to understand Western Culture. Allow us to submit our SDK to submit to Apple as I am confident they would be easier to deal with than your team.

Give us a break, allow people who understand what they are doing negotiate the publication with Apple. 

Jan 10, 2018 10:51 AM
I never used the instant build option anyways, so I am not missing it. On the other hand I have always used the review process by SC. I must say they have caught some embarrassing mistakes that I made before submitting to the App Store. Which I fixed before submission.

Apple review team on the other hand is lazy and uncontrolled. If they reject your app for a stupid reason, that's it. My experience is that Apple keeps re-stating the stupid reason over and over and never actually revisits the review process even if you have stated your case and made the updates.

I  have 2 apps that have been awaiting for re-review by Apple for months. Every time I re-submit the apps for review I get the same stupid reason for rejection. Like they (Apple) would rather reuse their excuse than actually re-do the review. That's easier for them so why work when an excuse will do?

Frankly I would always use the SC review process because unlike Apple the SC review team does an excellent job. I even stated this to the Apple review team member I spoke with. Note that Victor used the term 'Build Engineers do the review.'

Being an engineer myself I know the review process is essential to any good design whether it be industrial, automotive, civil, archetechtural, electrical, mechanical or app development if you don't have a professional review done before you submit your work, YOU are the embarassed one. Take my advice, a 2 day delay for a professional review by qualified engineers is far better than months of rejection due to a stupid mistake (read; Apple review team doesn't like you or your work).

Apple is also insisting on this pre-review by qualified engineers because they really don't like stupid mistakes that could have been caught before the app is submitted.

Oh yeah, those 2 apps I have waiting for review will never be updated again. I figure why remind Apple that they are lazy and out of control. It just makes me look bad.


Jan 17, 2018 03:00 AM
Need some help here guys?

1) Regarding Apple developer accounts. So for each new app submission, it now needs to be created/submitted through the clients apple dev account and not my Viper Online dev account, is that correct?

2) What about updating existing apps? Does the same apply, do i then have to create the client apple dev account and then transfer that app to their apple dev account?

3) Currently we have many client apps on our Viper Online apple dev account, do we now have to transfer all of these apps to their own client apple dev accounts? If so is there a deadline when this has to be completed by?

3) Even if i setup apple developer accounts for my clients SC arent going to change their developer subscription requirements are they? We can still build apps and submit them via my Viper Online SC account?

We've actually been holding off any app submissions while all this BS has been going on. Our last submission to apple, they requested proof of ownership of the clients app & content. That was easy, all we did was got a signed letterhead from the client stating that the app and content belonged to the client and that Viper Online had permission to publish under their dev account. This was approved without problems, that was 7 months ago though...

Just looking for some clarification so we can move forward.

thanks Jason

Jan 23, 2018 09:06 PM
Vick and Victor Robu,

I've spent many hours on the phone with Apple team, and they have given me precise instructions on how to get my apps approved for Apple store (such as "add this feature", "remove this feature", "add a link to this page", etc)

My apps are currently in the Apple store, approved by Apple!

This week I tried to get a new build in order to change a logo of my app, and it was rejected by Seattle Clouds!

An app that's been approved by Apple Store is rejected by Seattle Clouds! How is it possible?

Jan 24, 2018 09:45 AM
Hi Michael,

I hope that you can get this issue resolved with Seattleclouds.

Would you be so kind as to share as much information as possible about what Apple said to do, please?  It would be incredibly appreciated by the community here.

Kind regards,


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