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Dont buy Mulan developer apps    
This topic is assigned to Aurel

May 07, 2017 03:21 PM
It´s incredible, how its possible seattle clouds allow a developer to sell apps here and they simply dont work!!!??? Dont you think it´s giving a bad name to seattle team or another good developers?

So i buyed some apps made by delevoper Mulan, they dont work! I ask support to seattle clouds, they dont take responsibility, i tried contact the developer (mulan) he dont answer emails and the website is off, so whos fault? Mine? 

I dont care who´s taken the money i payed an app in seattleclouds made by an outside developer i expect a little support from one or another.

So my advice is, careful in buying any apps unless they are from seatlle clouds or another trusted developer (certainly mulan isnt) becouse if you have problems no one is going to deal with it.

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