Progressive Web Apps on iOS    
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Dec 28, 2017 08:01 PM

Over the Holiday break we heard a lot of, “Is there a solution to progressive web app for IOS devices since their default browser is Safari?” Now if you didn’t already know, Safari doesn't yet support progressive web apps (Well where is matters) so what is the alternate then for IOS counterparts? Well we ask to Please keep in mind that "Browsers that support Progressive Web Apps" is not a real term, PWA itself is a set of features that a web app can provide for users. So it's not just only about Service Worker and App Manifest.


Check out the Baseline PWA Checklist and view the list they have generated for the IOS device and how it affects PWA’s.


Here is the list:

Site is served over HTTPS - YES

Pages are responsive on tablets & mobile devices - YES

The start URL (at least) loads while offline - NO

Metadata provided for Add to Home screen - YES

First load fast even on 3G - YES

Site works cross-browser - YES

Page transitions don't feel like they block on the network - YES

Each page has a URL - YES


As you can see, almost everything is working, even if your page can't work offline on iOS/Safari, there are still a huge benefit of "upgrading" your web app into a PWA.


What SeatlleCloud™ really wants you to understand is not the fancy title of "Progressive Web Apps" but a good web app that delivers a good experience and features for users.


Even if you’re not going to apply every single feature behind Progressive Web Apps to all the products in your portfolio, the results and case studies speak for themselves: You need to focus relentlessly on mobile. If you aren’t doing this right now, you should probably consider setting it as your main priority from the product side of things.


May 14, 2018 10:24 AM
PWAs are interesting.

How are people using them to make money?

May 14, 2018 05:20 PM
@John.   Thanks for your interest in PWA's.   Progressive Web Apps are a simple alternative to a native mobile app.    If you have current website clients that are looking for a quick solution for a mobile app that can augment their current website, then suggest a PWA.