Release Notes SC v.    
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Apr 18, 2019 02:50 PM
Greetings to all SeattleCloud customers,

A new update was rolled out to SeattleClouds Platform this week.


- Removed PhoneGap Permissions for Android in Submission Process.
- Added SSL/TLS Support for Mobile Page Type.
- Removed Geofence info message for Android Apps.
- Login and Register Page Type now works with Modules.
- Added Ad Support for all Android Modules.
- Added Target Email field for Login and Register Page Type.

- Google Play notification related App require access to Camera permissions.
- Fixed Audio Tag in HTML WebView.
- Fixed PDF Reader when there is no PDF File attached.
- Fixed Media List to load over HTTPS connection.
- Fixed PWA Push Notifications image selector button.

- Updated to JAVA 8.

More great features are coming soon. Stay tanned.

Best regards,
SC Team