GDPR Regulation    
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Jun 07, 2018 01:58 PM
Greetings to all SC customers,

First of all I would like to say THANK YOU to all our Customers for being loyal and for supporting us, SeattleClouds Team appreciate it a lot.

Many of you know that GDPR Regulation already came in force. This is why many of our Customers are asking if SeattleClouds Platform is compatible with GDPR Regulation.

SeattleClouds is not collecting any information about our Customers without them being aware about this.

We do not use or sell the information about our Customers, or about our Customers Apps.

All the information which is collected is used only for sharing it with the owner of app. For example Analytics, this is the feature which allow our customers to track their App usage.

What about our customers apps and their Privacy and Policy. Each App Owner can enable their own 'user Agreement' which will allow the App Owners to aware final user about what info is collected and how it's used.
You may enable this option by accessing:

App Dashboard-> App Settings-> STARTUP OPTIONS -> Enable User Agreement

SeattleClouds it's a very big platform with a lot of features and functionality. We want to ensure that all our PageTypes and Functions are compatible with GDPR Regulation.

Best regards,
SC Team

Jun 08, 2018 06:44 AM
Thanks, Victor.  It's good that you are looking in to this for us.

Unfortunately, complying with GDPR goes a great deal further than merely amending out Privacy Policy. App Developers are responsible for the information gathered by AdMob, and any other ad network, too.  

We have to get consent, note how and when it was collected for each user and so on. GDPR is a big deal.

A very good solution for Seattle Cloud users would be the ability to use Admob's GDPR Consent SDK.  Having this as option would make us GDPR compliant.  Please see

The fines for non-Compliance are huge and this issue is not going to go away. Please look into this for us.

Kind regards,


Jun 11, 2018 12:11 PM
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Will the new SDK, a new platform that is compatible with GDPR, be operational by June 15th?