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Important System Announcement - iOS Auto Builds    
This topic is assigned to Aurel

Sep 08, 2017 08:33 PM

To our valued clients, 

Today, MobileSoft & Seattle Cloud have taken initial corrective steps to improve the overall quality of iPhone apps being submitted to Apple.  One of our main focuses at this point is to continue to be a valued Apple partner and cooperate with the changes they are asking the Development Community.   Because of this we have made the decision to no longer allow auto-builds for iOS apps from the builder.       


What Does This Mean For Our Customers? 


1.    Our team will be manually reviewing all iOS apps to insure they are meeting the Apple App Store Review Guidelines.  


2.    When building a mobile app please take into consideration the following areas to address for your clients:   Business model use, Design quality, Legal use of logos/copy write with the client.   Our review team will insure that your app is adhering to all App Store Guidelines and that you are publishing a high-quality mobile app for submission on the App Store. 


3.    If you have questions regarding the Apple App Store Guidelines, we encourage you to be very familiar with the entire App Store Guidelines before submitting your app.  They can be reviewed here:


What Others Changes Will Be Required When Submitting to the App Store?


In addition to our manual review, QA/QC and build process we will require the following: 


Individual Apple Developer Account Submission:  All apps will be published under the client/customer Apple Developer Account.   Please insure your account is in active status and good standing with Apple.


Unique Generated Push Certificates:  Every app will require a unique Push Certification generated under the publishers Apple Developer Account ID.   For instructions on how to generate an Push Certificate in your account please go here: (Step 6)


In the coming days and weeks MobileSoft/Seattle Cloud will be releasing additional improvements, processes and pricing models to support new feature sets that will allow our clients to design, develop and publish high-quality mobile applications on our network for years to come.   Furthermore, the management team is continuing to work with Apple on clarification of changes we can make on our platform in order to successfully publish apps without rejection related to the 4.2.6 guideline.   As we get viable updates, we will continue to update our community of valued members.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and compliance with these changes.  

MobileSoft Management Team




Sep 09, 2017 09:31 AM
Thank you for the update.  I can see where you are coming from.  Is the in-house review a temporary or permanent measure?   

You once reviewed an app of mine and rejected it simply saying "needs improvement." Will you be giving meaningful feedback for apps which which you consider below standard?  It would be most appreciated.

Many thanks.
@app: We’re happy to deliver the update...look for many more. We’re excited about the changes and service enhancements coming in the future for our clients.

Sep 09, 2017 09:55 PM

There current arrangement is permanent.  For now, our team of skilled, mobile application reviewers will be adhering to a strict set of review parameters to insure that high-quality apps are being submitted to the AppStore.    We're committed to giving positive, constructive feedback on areas we feel need improvement for submitting to the AppStore.  We encourage all app designers/developers to be very familiar with the entire App Store Guidelines before submitting your app.  

Look for upcoming posts on tips and tricks how to build a good mobile apps.



This is all great news.. It appears not much will change from the way I already have been submitting apps. Just a few questions.. Can we submit apps right now if not, when can we submit apps as I have stopped submitting them waiting on word like this to come down? Also, will we still be able to edit various portions of the app with out having to always sendt to the App Store, you know... Using the app refresh in the design? I have been using my own developer account for the apps I build. Is app...

Sep 13, 2017 12:57 PM
Gee, I wonder if my conversation with Apple had anything to do with this? Hmm...the procedure you just laid out is exactly what I told Applle Review Team (ART) as to how I used SC publishing team. Damn near word for word including the part about the my own developer account and individual PNs for each app. I told ART I needed SC because I used HTML, CSS and js to build my apps. That without SC I would have to purchase new hardware and software and take a 4 year college course to learn how to make an iOS app. I said what ART is doing is unfair to me. Then I said ART must find a way to solve this. You think they listened?

Naw...probably not. My conversation is eerily similar with SC's new procedures. However, I have to say up til 4.6.2 guideline all my apps got acceted to the App Store because SC reviewed and submitted them for me. What a shock for me when one didn't get accepted. 

Anyway, my customers are still not willing to submit apps or updates at this time. Please, tell us when Apple has officially started accepting MobileSoft/Seattle Clouds apps again.


Sep 14, 2017 10:26 PM
Hi MobileSoft, 

I submitted a response to a previously submitted and rejected app, Friday via the resolution center. This is the response I received again. 

Guideline 4.2.6 - Design - Minimum Functionality

We noticed that your app appears to be created from a commercialized template or app generation service, closely resembling the look and feel of other apps on the App Store.

Apps produced using a commercialized template or app generation service are not appropriate for the App Store.

Does this mean that any apps that have been rejected will need to be resubmitted and managed by SC with the manual submission? Should we do this now? 

Sep 15, 2017 11:43 AM

I think I need to come with an explanation about our agreement with Apple Review Team.

Our team will review all the iOS Apps prior sending to Apple. We've removed the iOS Instant builds from the build request type. SeattleCloud has the necessary human resources for doing these reviews without changing our review ETA considerable. Our Build Engineers will publish only the apps that follow App Store Review Guidelines: . We will not publish apps with poor design, outdated design or content. Also, we'll encourage you to develop a rich content app and to not split your app idea in many subprojects for getting a better revenue.

Example: If you build apps for different businesses, let's say hotels, than each hotel should have their own Apple Developer Account. Of course, the UI and layout of all these hotel apps may be the same but the info in it, description, colors, logo etc. should be individual for each app.
If you're not willing to do so, you'll need to merge all these sub-projects in just one app. This app approach will increase significantly the chance for getting your app on App Store.

Best regards,
Hi @Aurel.. Thanks for the info. I am just glad there is something in the works to make these apps get published again. Now, You guys say... " We will not publish apps with poor design, outdated design or content." This is understandable.. The problem is.. The templates are outdated though. Are we getting new templates? If so, when???
Hello Marius,

Yes, for sure. Actually, my opinion is to not focus on templates since these are just demo apps built with the existent page types. Instead, we should focus on new features (page types). Add new pages and improve the existent ones.

Just a note, the last 2 months our developers and testers worked on adding iOS 11 support prior its official release. We've started this preparation from first iOS 11 beta version for developers. Now, we can proudly announce that we support iOS 11 an...
(...) The issue is that these type of changes are not visible to the end used since are backend changes but these are the most important and time consuming modifications.

After that, we'll focus on front end changes and adjustments, I promise.

Best regards,

Sep 15, 2017 04:59 PM
Hi Aurel, 
I build apps primarily for churches but up until now I have been publishing them all through my own developer account. You mention that each new project would require it's own developer account, so if that's the case then how can Subsplash (The Church App specialists) publish so many church apps under the Subsplash banner. I suppose the same question could be asked about MobileSoft, they are continuing to publish apps for different clients under their MobileSoft development account? Could you please clarify this for us Aurel.

Best Regards

Sep 20, 2017 02:25 AM
I build lots and lots and lots of apps.  Do I need a different developer account for each client if each app I build is from a blank start?  As long as I don't use a template, can I still publish under my own developer account?

Thanks for your feedback on this matter.

Shelly Turner

Sep 20, 2017 10:27 AM

Hi there.. Your templates should follow App Store Review Guidelines: So when we build apps using the templates, we will be in compliance… 

With all due respect. I am getting the feeling that you guys aren't really trying to address our issues because you keep saying (at least to me) "Make a good quality app", to Everything regarding how I am supposed to do that when I use the template and you send it back saying it needs more work and make a good quality app… You can't possibly be serious. We need good quality app making templates. We are here to use the templates to " Make a good quality app. " Your service is supposed to provide templates so that Me and my customers…. Everyone using this platform can "Make a good quality app." 

If I knew how to do that without the use of this template service, I wouldn't need this service. Again, the service is supposed to do that. Don't you understand? Again, I say this with frustration but with the most due respect as I try to appeal to you people.  I realize that apple has made changes in what they are willing to accept so as a company I feel you should make changes to your templates  on this platform so that if we use them as a guide, they will produce what is needed to pass apples inspection process. 

I am in communication with quite a few people on this platform and they all feel the same way. Some are expressing to me that they are threatening law suits and some are saying they are trying to get refunds and sue for damages for their businesses. I am not sure if they really are of are just frustrated but I do recognize that I am not the only one frustrated. I am just trying to get you to assist me in pointing me to a template or giving me clear direction in tutorial form at the least that can help me produce a Good quality app as this service is supposed to. 

I am finally in the process of learning to code - taking classes, something I should have done at least 10 years ago.. but there will be some time before I am ready and need to use the service that I have invested in and am paying for. I am not getting what I am paying for and you are surely aware. I am just asking for assistance. You know the platform templates are outdated and you even said new templates are on the way. So, when? You know it is not possible for any of us to use these templates and come up with a good quality app. So again, with all due respect.. Please stop replying to my mail messages as simply "Make a good quality app." When This is your responsibility as a platform to do this...  

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