Release Notes SC v.    
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Nov 06, 2019 10:12 AM

A new update was rolled out to SeattleCloud Platform today.

- Individual Push Notification is not display on WEB Announcement page, fixed.
- Loyalty PWA. If you have 2 loyalty pages the stamp is added for all pages at once, fixed.
- Login and Register. Page option details are not available in Restricted Access, fixed.
- Account drop down menu overlap app creation wizard, fixed.
- Error Navigation Settings (Custom Tabs) - icon's background colors are not displayed on device, fixed.
- Custom Tabs - error with displaying icon images, fixed.
- Custom Tabs - Selected option is not working properly, fixed.
- Rate this app. Unable to use Rate this app on iOS, fixed.
- Check in. User is unable to use Check in feature with Facebook nor the related URL Scheme, fixed.
- Fixed Register Page placeholder text for Edge Browser.
- Fixed default URL for Mobile Page Type.

- Pull to refresh options option was added to Announcement Page for iOS and Android.
- Now you can add you custom forms to Augmented Reality Page Type.
- New Menu Page Type 'Tile Menu'

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SC Team