Reducing my Binaries Size    
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Mar 17, 2015 08:10 AM

My Approved App went from 3.03mb on SC to 52.5 MB on Apple Store.

My direct Competitor's Apps are around the 12-15mb size.

What could be causing such a huge difference and what can I do to reduce it?
If I substitute the PDFTron pages for two text pages will that make a big difference and would I have to resubmit?

The App has
1 Notification Page
1 Notification Topics Page
1 Form Page
1 Notepad Page
1 Link to Website Gallery
1 Link to Website
1 Contact Us Page with links
1 Calendar Page
1 Native Gallery Page
1 Puzzle Page
2 PDFTron Pages
3 Text Pages

Mar 19, 2015 07:06 AM
Hello Aidan,

Once an application is built, it will have the Source Code and Library files for each page type. The lib files's sizes may variate from 2 to 20 MB. The Page types with largest Library file are PDFTron, ePub, PDF Editor and PDF Reader.

So if you remove the PDFTron Pages from your App, this will significantly decrease the binary size. 

best regards,
SC Team.