Progressive Web Apps (PWA) LIVE on the SeattleCloud™ Builder!!    
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Dec 14, 2017 05:35 AM

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) LIVE on the SeattleCloud™ Builder!!

SeattleCloud is proud to announce Progressive Web App Builder 1.0!   We have added this new feature to the platform in a seamless manner with intuitive interfaces you are already familiar with.   With a 31 Supported PWA page types, you can deliver high quality, secure Progressive Web Apps from the SeattleCloud™ builder.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are rapidly gaining momentum in the digital world and are a great way to unlock the consumer smartphone’s potential that previously could only be accessed via native mobile apps to the web.   A great benefit of designing a PWA is not having to deal with the dreaded guideline processes required by “some” app stores.   SeattleCloud™ is proud to announce this major feature release to our development community.   With over 31 (yes….31) fully supported features, you can start designing, developing and releasing PWA’s to the public within hours (depending on how fast you are). 

While PWA’s certainly do not offer all the same features and level of control a native mobile app will, they are consistently adding more app-like features and are another great tool for customer engagement.  The advantages are great for quick deployment and consumer use.  Users can simply arrive at a website, already indexed by Google, and instantly download the app, add the icon to their home screen and begin using the application. 

PWA runs the latest capabilities of HTML5 and Seattle Cloud is committed to staying up-to-date with all of the new browser functions being released on a consistent basis.  The value proposition as a web developer is the ability to continue to implement current responsive design capabilities that any mobile website uses while adding the capability for offline use and fast load times. The PWA spec is rapidly evolving so it will only be a matter of time before more app-like features are released.  Seattle Cloud will continue to deliver new features and updates in the coming months and has lofty goals for the continued development of PWA’s in the upcoming year.  





Take a look at the latest PWA page types and feature set here
  1. About Us
  2. Button Menu
  3. Calculator
  4. Circle Menu
  5. Contact Button Menu
  6. Slideshow
  7. Slide
  8. Fixed Contact Button Menu
  9. Form
  10. Icon menu
  11. Author Letter HTML
  12. Business Letter HTML
  13. Classic Letter HTML
  14. Head Letter HTML
  15. Modern Letter HTML
  16. Paper Letter HTML
  17. Personal Letter HTML
  18. Photo Letter HTML
  19. Two Column Letter HTML
  20. Visual Letter HTML
  21. Mobile
  22. Mobile Facebook
  23. Mobile Linkedin
  24. Mobile Twitter
  25. Mosaic
  26. Vertical Page Scrolling
  27. Responsive menu
  28. Interactive Feedback
  29. PWA Menu
  30. Map
  31. Loyalty
  32. Poll


The best part of this update is the ease of building out a PWA in the current SC environment and menu structure.   Start offering and building progressive web apps in your Seattle Cloud account today. 

Add a Progressive Web App to Your Account here.

Learn How To Build Progressive Web Apps Here.

Dec 15, 2017 01:32 AM
How would one go about transferring an already built app (iOS) within SC (that is currently in app store) to this new design?  
We suggest that you keep your app live on AppStore due to the new Apple Guideline changes. Log into your account and build a new PWA. You can use your existing artwork for the PWA.

Dec 15, 2017 06:51 AM
The problem that the most important feature is not there ...
Sending push messages
Push Notifications will be on upcoming release. We have already begun work. More to come!

Dec 15, 2017 07:16 AM
Is live on white label also or not ?
Yes. Available for all White Label customers as well.

Dec 15, 2017 09:34 AM
Keep up the good work guys :) Awesome news! <3

Dec 15, 2017 05:07 PM
Now you have me interested again.

When is Notifications due?
How many Native Features are in the pipeline and are we talking a few months or 6 months to 1 year??

When will the White Label Resellers have these ??

Dec 15, 2017 09:24 PM
I’m excited but perplexed!
I thought a PWA was supposed to be a stand alone application. Meaning it is downloaded onto the device like a native app.

First of all I followed the instructions and:
1. The system kept refusing my CNAME! I eventually published it using the alternative method.
Once published, I noticed:
2. Icons I had used were NOT used when I selected the add to home screen option (it used a generic screen shot of the index page)
3. The app was NOT available off line on my iPhone.
4.  No back buttons on the screen (that is on iOS iPhone so not like an app at all).

Dec 15, 2017 09:25 PM

Perhaps I am misgunderstanding the various options (I did select the Stand Alone option) but to me it doesn’t seem to offer anything more than a responsive web site which I am already doing very well outside of Seattle Clouds. 

Please help me understand why I would want to use the new PWA option instead of a native app? What am I doing wrong?


Dec 16, 2017 06:17 PM
Rick, there are many advantages with PWAs. Most mportantly Apple won't reject them then give you hours of run around trying to convince the 'Review Team' that your app is worthy of their App Store.

Second advantage is that the customer can host the app themselves. Or if you are clever you can host the PWA for your customer. Then charge a monthly rate for supporting a sub-domain (typically between $5-$15/year). 

PWAs open up a whole new areana for exploitation namely website owners. A lot of website owners have told me they would rather have a PWA than a native app. Especially when they discover Apple and Google charge for hosting, Developer accounts and take a 30% cut from sales.

Although I haven't tried the new option yet I am sure it depends upon how you sell it. One thing different about PWAs is that they can compliment a responsive website. Allowing you to present your products in a slimmed down web app as opposed to making the user scan through a full blown responsive website.

Hope this helps


Dec 16, 2017 06:53 PM
Thanks Tim.
What you described is what I would expect from a PWA but the PWA on SC doesn’t seem to deliver what I expected. Perhaps you could go ahead and try it out and then if it works for you, please let me know what I was doing wrong. Thanks Tim


Dec 17, 2017 01:25 AM
The concept is great.....unfortunately though the great pitch should be saved until you are ready to go and have the features we need.

I understand you want to reassure us that you have a plan to fix the disaster that is Apples decision.

You are a long way off though as of now.

Dec 17, 2017 02:20 AM
The most important aspects would be:
1. Offline Abilities
2. Smooth add-to-homescreen process that feels like installing apps. I have contacted and they've shown me a working demo, which is app-like. First it shows a page to install the app, similar to ios app store, then an animation popped up smoothly showing how we can add this app to homescreen. This is crucial since customers are still very green when it comes to PWA.
3. Push Notification. Good to know someone from SC / MS mentioning that push notification is in the works. The only problem is with Apple, right? Service worker is not yet supported in iOS Safari, hence it may not be working yet (CMIIW).

Dec 20, 2017 02:12 AM
Hey Rick (Web HQ), what you are saying is true. Apparently, PWA on SC is still not perfect. Here's what happened:

- Icons uploaded are not being used as icons when we selected add to home screen from iOS safari, not sure about others but I care only on iOS Safari since it's iOS Apps that I cannot create anymore. Please note that before PWA when it's just "WebApp", icons are adding fine to home screen, so something's wrong with PWA settings.

- Names should be acknowledged straight away. For me, I am building a kitesurf PWA named "Kitesurfbintan", but during add to home screen, name is prepopulated with "Favorites" instead of the name we specified during PWA publish. Another let down for customers.

For further solution best I report this via support ticket as well.

Dec 24, 2017 09:31 PM
Has the server for webapps been down? My webapp was published as PWA a few days ago and it was saved to a number of mobile devices. Yesterday the home screen  disappeared and only "AWS Web Apps" showed on a blank page.

I've also been having problems with the CNAME. Is there a IP Address available 

Also there is no SSL on the app builder.

Dec 26, 2017 07:37 AM
Hello Celine,

Consider to open a support ticket on this case, so we will investigate.

We were unable to find the related PWA in your application list, it seems that you have this application in another account.


Jun 15, 2018 10:13 PM
does the loyalty rewards feature work on a progressive app? It seems like a progressive app is just a mobile friendly website. thanks

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