How to add Get Directions to the Map page type?    
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Jun 28, 2018 10:39 AM
Hello Seattleclouds Customers,

As you may know iOS Get Directions option is not included in Map feature, but it can be added using custom URL Schemes. 

For these functions you need to use the Custom URL Schemes latlong:// or map:// .

1. latlong:// Opens following coordinates with available Maps applications. Map opens up inside UI without leaving the app on iOS, while on Android available mapping application is loaded.

1.1 In HTML <a href="latlong://40.689167,-74.044444">Statue of Liberty National Monument, NY</a>

It can be added also in:

1.2 Menu item add latlong://40.689167,-74.044444

1.3 Map feature. Add latlong://40.689167,-74.044444 to the Map feature in Target URL field. 

See the below screenshot for more details. 

2. map:// Displays the location of preset address using Maps application. Similar with latlong://.

2.1 In HTML <a href="map://New+York">New York</a>

It can be added also in:

2.2 Menu item. Add map://New+York as an URL.

2.3 Map feature. Add map://New+York to the Map feature in Target URL field. 

See below screenshot for more details.

After you have added these there will be an arrow in top right of the screen which opens the Get Directions option.

See the below added a screenshot for more details.

For more details about other Custom URL Schemes read this tutorial:

If you have added Custom URLs to each of the pin, you need to press the " i " information button or in any place on the description pop-up, it will redirect to the provided URL scheme. In result the added location will be opened in a zoomed mode. After pressing the Get Directions button you will be redirected to the Native iOS Maps Application. 

NOTE: Get Directions option is revised as a future improvement to be included in Map page type with a direct option for each location. The above mentioned Custom URL Schemes can be used in Android also, but the link will redirect to Native Maps app in which you will be able to use the Route option.

Consider to Open a Support Ticket if you will have any related questions.