Custom welcome screen that only shows once, and login/sign up screen.    
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Oct 23, 2017 10:58 PM
So... is it possible, using custom html pages, to set up a 'first launch' page for first time a user opens the app, and then for all users (unless already logged in) to see a login/sign up screen?

I know there's a login feature, as well as a login/sign up feature, but... they just can't seem to be styled to my liking using the 'app style' manager.

So... is there a spec sheet to show what should link to where for a custom designed login/signup screen, so I can just build the page with html, css and javascript, etc?

Also need the form to have an option to keep the user signed in, password recovery and an option to login with facebook, twitter, G+, etc.

Would be very grateful if someone could point me in the right direction.



Just found the 'Enable User Agreement' and 'Enable Welcome Page' setting in the app settings section.

So, I assume I can make the user agreement or the welcome page option as a method to inform the user that the app in question won't work without creating a user account and enabling location permissions? Is there an 'accepted way to do that for Google Play and App Store?

Anyway... that still leaves the other points I need help with... custom designing a login/signup page, with social login included... ?