The latest "" locations by location?    
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Jun 22, 2016 02:50 PM
Two part question on locations: 

Say I want the main page of an app to consist of both a map and menu. So the "map" page type displaying locations. This would show in a 600x400 and consume less than half of the page. The lower half of the page would contain a menu page type, specifically the Square Menu page type showing blocks with links to other pages. I see how to insert a map Location from the menu page but it wants an address and when entered only a link to the address is displayed where when clicked it launches Google Maps. Be nice if there were shortcodes to display page types in other page types.

What I would like to see is say maybe the latest 10 - 20 locations to appear on the map. In addition, they only show per the user location. So if in GA you see only the latest locations in GA. For more you can click the Location link to be taken to the page containing the full map. 

This would allow a person to sell locations to customers who would know their locations are able to seen for a specified period on the main page or until overwritten by the next set of locations. 

Anyone already doing this?!


Hello Tia,

Please open a related support ticket and we'll investigate how we may help you.