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APK on app builder on lost and also applications in the playstore also error can not open    
This topic is closed by Aurel

Aug 19, 2017 02:57 PM
why the apk in tashlik lost all, I've been tired make application instead lost all
How is the time should reset all ...
the APK on any error would come into plasytore
hundreds are missing, open the update fixes even eliminate existing applications, how my income plummet a few days because an application error tashlik continues ...
now even lost.. should gimana again try
Please get this problem fixed

Sep 07, 2017 08:48 AM
Hello Mbah Saya,

Please note that on August 19 we had a 3 hours maintenance on website. About it were informed all SC customers. 

It seems that the Tashlik website owner has not informed his customers about that.

Now everything should work without any issues.


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