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Nov 24, 2017 05:11 AM
Dear MobileSoft and Seattle Clouds,
I am trying really hard to believe that MobileSoft are going to deliver on their promises of a brand new platform and new tools to create Apple pleasing mobile apps. The lack of fresh activity on this site is alarming! The app layout and design editor remains  absolutely unchanged! The features remain boring and unchanged with no ability to tweak or change the layouts to make them our own. Now, as an eternal optimist, I can imagine the frantic flurry of developers and designers working overtime behind closed doors at the MobileSoft office! They are committed to churning out a new cutting edge editor that will allow endless tweaks and customization of native layout designs in an easy to use interface that will turn out Apple worthy app designs and features sure to wow our clients! That's the optimist in me dreaming! John Maxwell says that "success rises and falls on leadership!" 

MobileSoft leaders, our eyes are firmly fixed on you! Can you please give us something to get excited about? Can you publish a working road map outlining your plans for the future? Please give us a snapshot of what is actually going on behind those closed doors! I really hope that something is happening! It would be so very sad to get up some morning and find that Seattle Clouds is no longer available and that MobileSoft has decided not to invest in our future. I'm sure that many of us budding app developers would be willing to pay a little extra for a fresh new SC platform! How about a KickStarter event to raise some more capital if that is the problem! Just let us know what is happening, what to expect and a timeline that we can track. However please don't make any more promises or statements of coming improvements or upgrades without also publishing the timeline. Come on MobileSoft, we believe in you! Thanks guys! 

Best Regards
Rick Graham

Nov 24, 2017 06:54 AM
Well the future of app and SC is not going to dissipate due to still high demand on app builder for Android, Kindle, and WebApp. No earliest of better future forecast for iOS App Development though which looks gloomy for now, as Apple really want apps to be built natively and resulting in lasting entertainment value. They are cleaning stores with clones, and yes, having 10 pretty similar restaurant apps with same feature (difference only in logo, images, promotion, etc) is considered spammy.

Nov 29, 2017 03:23 PM

Greetings to all SC Customers,

Being so rushed to bring new features, improvements and new content to the website we delayed the process of informing our customers related thing which are happening inside the platform, however I can assure you that every day we are working on making this platform better. If you don’t see it, it doesn’t mean that we are not working. The biggest updates were applied to the Back End of the platform, so all delivered apps worked as expected, with out any crashing or laggy apps delivered to the Stores.

Booking, FeedBack, Calendar and many other page types were improved or updated. Many other updates are coming along with the new year. 

Now, we are focused on delivering the new features for SeattleClouds. Like Progressive Web App’s ( PWA ) and Developer Account instead of ( White Label Website ).

Beside these two massive updates which are planned for the beginning of 2018, we are working also on Apple reject ( 4.2.6 ). As you may know many big or small companies were affected by this rule. Apple Review Team assured us that ‘Only the best quality apps will be approved’. And everything is happening how they told us. Only the best quality apps are delivered to the Store and approved by Apple. Unfortunately, we can’t disclosure our clients apps which were approved.

We appreciate very much your devotion to our Platform. SeattleClouds family is growing every day.

Please keep updating us further with your feed back in order to improve our performance.

Best regards,


SC Team

Nov 30, 2017 02:11 PM
Thanks for the update Victor, 

Are you going to introduce a new editor anytime soon that would allow much more control over the look and feel of the app? It would be great to be able to tweak and change the layout, colors, graphics etc of the various features within the app. What about Beacon Technology is that on the radar (I know that Mobilesoft is using it). Is there A TIMELINE in place for the things you mentioned or will it be just sometime in 2018 maybe? Thanks Victor?


May 17, 2018 06:33 PM
I would like to also mention that the pricing is now too high on the site.

I have had to downgrade my subscription from Gold to silver due to the high monthly costs of Seattle Clouds.