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May 01, 2018 09:06 PM
hello, my domain is hosted on godaddy for the web app. I followed the instructions on the ticket support from SC but its not working still and have not gotten a reply yet on what else could be causing the issue. 

Its quite urgent so I hope someone can help. thank you
I was told to do this on godaddy under the DNS Management Records
1 Hour

This is the error Im getting when trying to publish with these settings. any help is appreciated!:

Your domain is not a CNAME for our specified host: https://webapps.seattleclouds.com 
You can create a CNAME record for the specified host name and point it to the following domain:https://webapps.seattleclouds.com and then try again publish process
OR you can generate PWA using alternative method from below!