Google Push Notification Server Error    
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Aug 09, 2019 01:37 PM

Some of our customers may experience Server Error issue while sending push notifications.

Issue appears as Google Deprecated and Dropped Google Cloud Messaging functionality.

In order to fix this issue for your apps you need to migrate to Firebase, which is the new version of push notification technology by Google.

In the submission process of your app you may see a notification message when you will reach the Push Notification section:

Follow the Migration Guide and update your App Push Notification functionality by adding Firebase Support.

Don't forget to update your app on store as soon as you'll receive the new binary file.

Don't hesitate to contact us if any questions appear.

Best regards,
Seattlecloud Team

Aug 09, 2019 03:21 PM
What happen to user that using the pre-existing version of the app they will not able to be notify right? Because we have lots of user that did't update their app to the newer version with firebase integrated. this is sad and effect greatly with our revenue
No, they don't get the push notifications till they don't update.
Oh okay then.

Aug 10, 2019 03:45 AM
Thank u Victor for this announcement. We should have already migrated to firebase long time back but didn't.

I will be careful next time.

Aug 21, 2019 02:03 PM

The Firebase is currently available for Android only. 

iOS has a different Push Notification system which does not require the migration to Firebase and is not affected by the GCM changes. iOS has its own Apple Push Notification service. 

Consider to open a support ticket if you'll have any related issues.

Best regards, 
SC Team