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Jan 19, 2012 12:40 AM
Hi Guys,

I am reviewing the SC platform to see if we will proceed with a subscription and I have the following questions:

1. Do you provide a support with the paid subscription and what is the estimated support response? The reason I am asking is because I sent a message via the contact form with a few questions a couple of weeks ago and I have not receive any response.

2. I created some test apps, and one of them (Protathlima) is for a client. I created an RSS feed page and the content displayed is all gibberish. Can the support take a look to see if it is an issue from SC? The content from the site is in Greek

3. Regarding the prices, what is the feature "Inapp Purchases"?

4. If I do not want to pay monthly subscriptions, I see there is the option of buying the app for $249.99. Do I still have access to change the content and send push notifications etc?

5. How about mobilizing sites? If a site has a mobile version of the site, or app, how can we implement this with SC? i.e. when you access the site on a mobile device, to redirect the user to the mobile version or the app to download it


Jan 30, 2012 03:18 AM
Hello Paris, 

Sorry for the delayed response. Below you may find answers to your questions. 

1) Having an active subscription plan gives you the possibility of opening upon the support tickets by need asking for an assistance and have your apps submitted to App Store and/or Market Android. The apps that are locked under a cancelled subscription plan (inactive plan) will not work after going live on either App Store or Market Android, unless you buy it (them) out paying the one-time fee.  We reserve up to 24-48 business hours for a response via support ticketing system, however, it may also depend on the case itself. If it requires a more thorough investigation, it may take a bit longer before a representative gets back to you with a resolution. 

2) For a technical assistance we would kindly ask you to open a support ticket providing us with as many details as possible regarding your inquiry. 

3) Purchase type page represents an advanced alternative to the buy:// scheme used in SC to link to In-App Purchase products within your app. 

For more details upon the In-App Purchase page type, please, consider reviewing the tutorial following this link.  

4) The monthly fee has to be charged to cover the work done by SC team, building binaries for new apps and updates, submitting them to AppStore on behalf of the user, servicing apps' features (push notifications, in-app purchase), hosting app project files on a server and backing up all data, providing customer support service, etc.

However, in case you do not want to have an active subscription plan applied to your account, you may definitely buyout your app(s) paying the one-time fee. However, please, note that you will not have the access to In-App Purchase and Push Notifications features. You will still be able to make the changes within the app. However, in order to have those applied, you will need to release updated versions of the app to App Store. Each additional build will cost you extra $10.00 

5) As regarding the mobile websites support with SC, you may add MOBILE page type to your app pointing out the link accordingly. Thus, the mobile version of the web site will be accessed by the end user through your app, having the option of going back 1 step when finished reviewing the content. 

You may also consider reviewing the help tutorial regarding the MOBILE page type here

Thank you,