Suggestion for a resolution of the Apple problem    
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Oct 07, 2017 02:41 PM
As most of us know, the new Apple 4.6.2 rule states that they will not accept apps generated from online app builders and apps duplicated from templates. Even if the app is original in its design, they will still reject it because it is based on HTML pages, instead of native pages.

So here is my suggestion to you, dear Seattle Clouds, to became the only app builder service to resolve this.

1. Remove the option for Android apps to be duplicated into iOS apps. 

- Google does not have a problem with HTML apps, Apple do. So by removing this option you will save yourself, and people's time as well, because those apps will be rejected anyway.

2. Remove the option for choosing a template for iOS apps.

- Apple will notice several apps made with a similar template and will reject it. Instead, allow the users to make apps from blank projects only. The good old days where making iOS apps was easy are gone.

3. Instead of templates make A TON of good looking, useful native pages with a high level of customization with which we will be able to combine to make unique apps of high quality.

- This way we, the users, will be able to make a NATIVE app instead of a HTML app. That is what Apple needs. I know people using other app builders who get approved because their service has a wider choice of native pages. Currently and unfortunately, using SC we can only make Android apps. Everything is so outdated including the entire app builder interface. I mean, how long was it when you stopped publishing apps on Google Play? It makes things for the new users confusing. This was a wonderful tool, but several years ago.

4. If needed, remove the IPA generator service, deliver a source code, and give us a step by step video tutorial how to generate our own IPA file.

- Apple probably flags all online app builder generated IPA files automatically. Not just SC, but everyone. But if you give us a code and a tutorial to generate an IPA on our own, then it would be different maybe? I am not 100 sure of this. And yes people, you will need to buy a MAC. But if you are running app business, it is worth buying one. I hate Apple for having to buy one, too. This said, I will never buy an iPhone.

I know that this requires a lot of work at your end, dear Seattle Clouds. But I don't see any other way. Invest in hiring more developers, raise your prices. Do some really hard work. It will be worth it in the end.

Give Apple what they want by giving us a proper tool to make super cool native iOS apps which we will be able to customize in a ton of ways and business will grow for you (and us) once again. 

If you are not sure if that effort is worth it, ask Apple about this suggestion, talk to them about it.

Thank you for your time, I hope somebody will read this at your end. And I would love to hear the suggestions of the SC community about this as well.

Oct 09, 2017 02:29 PM
Thank you stephan for this article, your suggestions are very interesting. I hope that SC take it seriously, we are loosing our customers and money because of this 4.6.2 rules (i gave 3 of my clients their money back after many days of work and more are requesting it!!!) 

Oct 15, 2017 01:53 AM
Seattle clouds is saying that the new templates they have will work. I am confused. Will they or won't they?
This was just my opinion because I am in the app business and have been dealing with Apple a lot. Maybe it will work, but they did not say anything about new templates, SC said that they are going to make native app pages.

Oct 16, 2017 10:30 AM

Thank you very much for your suggestions, we will take them into consideration and will discus these ideas with our management.

I want to assure you that SeattleClouds Team is working hard on improving our Platform.

Any related updates will be posted our forum.

Best regards,
SC Team

Oct 16, 2017 06:12 PM
Again and again, Apple rejects the applications ...
I do not know what to do anymore

he App Review Board evaluated your app and determined that the original rejection feedback is valid. Your app does not comply with:

Design 4.2.6

Since your app appears to be created from a commercialized template or app generation service, your app currently violates 4.2.6 App Store Review guideline.

To resolve this issue, it would be appropriate to offer an app that does not use a commercialized template.

You may consider using Apple Developer tools to design and create a unique app to deliver content. For more information about developing apps for the App Store, visit the Develop section of the Apple Developer website.
I am confused. They Seattle Clouds are telling me that apple will accept the apps built from a template service such as Seattle clouds. Thy have had some communication with apple and they just have to be usefull native apps. Then, you come on here and sound the alarm!!! Have you consulted with Seattle clouds or are you still just building apps trying to get them through on your own?? It is causing confusion. Also, to Seattle clouds. why aren't you coming on this platform when someone writes some...

Oct 16, 2017 09:34 PM
It's sound good Stefan. Anyway, anyone knows how to convert iOS source file to IPA?