App Pre-Loader    
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Apr 15, 2020 02:14 PM

App Pre-Loader

App Pre-Loader is a great component which allow all app owners customize App Loading Screen.

Available for:

  • Android ( Beta Version available on SeattleCloud Website )
  • iOS ( Coming Soon )

At the moment App Pre-Loader has 5 different Loaders.

You may access the App Pre-Loader window from your Android Application.

Go to MyApplications -> *YourAwesomeApp* -> App Preloader     



1. Default Loader

Default Loader is a fast and reliable loading screen. Used to inform app user about the Sync or Initialization Process. Unfortunately, you can’t customize this Pre-Loader.

                      ​​            ​​      

2. Classic Loader

A more fancy loader with additional settings available for customization.

                      ​​            ​​      

3. Multicolor Loader

This type of Loader has 3different animation you may select, customize and use in your apps.

- Newton
- Gooye
- Infinity

                      ​​            ​​     

                      ​​            ​​     


4. Vertical Loader

Vertical Loader has an advanced configurator which allow app owner to customize every aspect of the loading animation.

Also has some additional possibilities:

- Show App Icon
- Show additional text while loading.

                      ​​            ​​     

5. Custom Loader

Use your imagination, create your own Loading Screen. We offer you the possibility to add your own code in HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT.

This option was designed for more advanced users which have knowledge operating with HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT.

                      ​​            ​​      

6. Coming Soon 

We are working on adding new animations. You may contact us if you want to share your idea about new Loader.


Additional features:

- Force animation time

This option is designed to help app owners preview the loading screen, it's functionality and loading speed before going live with the app. Selected time value will be added ( as waiting time ) after the app is fully ready to start.


Consider to open a support ticket if you'll have any questions or issues.

Thank you for using SeattleCloud