Dropbox Media List Tutorial    
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Mar 14, 2019 12:58 PM
Dropbox Media List is a feature with which you can use the media files from your Dropbox account in your application, a so called Dropbox share option.

In this tutorial we'll explain how you can set up and use this feature.

First of all you will need to add the Dropbox feature to your application.

Dropbox Media List feature can be found in the marketplace here.

Now we'll provide some screenshots for you to be able to follow:

Find Dropbox Media List in Marketplace.

Choose this page.

Provide the Page Name and Add the page to your application.

Well, that is almost it. Now the only thing you need to do is to Authorize the page to use your Dropbox files.

Authorize Dropbox for your app:

You will need to login first in the browser to your Dropbox account.

Second you will need to Authorize the page to use your Dropbox account.

Now by steps:
Login to Dropbox in your browser

Go to you Dropbox page in application.

Here you'll need to click on Authorize.

Once you have authorized your app to use your Dropbox account you can proceed to choose the folders which you want to use to be shared in the app.

Click on Open Dropbox File Manager

Select the root folder or any other folders you want to share. For our example we'll use our root folder as we do not have any subfolders.

Select Use this folder.

Now you are all set.

You will have additional options in Dropbox page:

1. To change the default images used for Dropbox
2. Set to open the PDF files external or within the app

Now you can request the application and verify the availability of your files.

The actual look of Dropbox page in the application:

In the application, the Dropbox page has several options:

1. Download each file in separate by clicking on it.
2. Download all the files simultaneously by using the Download button on top of the page.
3. Refresh the page in order to sync with Dropbox.

Consider to open a support ticket if you will have any questions or issues.