How to get a Facebook App ID?    
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Mar 01, 2019 11:59 AM

How to get Facebook App ID (Facebook API Key)?

If you are using at least one of the Facebook related features/page types in your App then you need to set a Facebook App ID (API Key) in App Dashboard > App Settings > Facebook. The features that are related with Facebook are: 

App Share, Rate & Review, Mosaic, Photo Effect, Sharing, Ratings, Scoreboard and Messenger.

In order to get a Facebook API Key, you need first to create a Facebook Application on Select "Add a New App" from the "My Apps" Menu. 

In the opened window you will have to specify the Display Name and Contact Email.

Next the edit page will be loaded where you will be able to add your platforms.

In this select Settings and open Basic tab.

Here you will have to specify the Namespace, App Domains, Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, App Icon and Category

Once done you can proceed to add the platforms by scrolling down and click on Add Platform. Then pick the desired platform. For our example we will use the Android platform.

Next you when you choose a platform another section at the bottom of the page will be loaded.

Here you will have to specify Package Name for your Android app or Bundle ID for your iOS app

Next section will be the advanced settings.

Here Enable Native or desktop app

Once enabled you can make the app public by changing status as shown in the upper screenshot. Next a window will be loaded where you will have to pick a category and confirm. 

Note that for this option you will have to provide a valid Privacy Policy in your Basic Information section. 

If you add an iOS platform then you need to set a Bundle ID and an App Store ID (iPhone or iPad). You need to enable "Single Sign On" as well.

1) Bundle ID. If your App was at least once submitted for publishing then you may find the Bundle ID in App Dashboard.

If you did not publish the app before then you will have to create a Bundle ID on your Apple Developer account: click here  see step 8. 

You may add multiple Bundle IDs separated by comma in case you plan to use the same Facebook App for other apps.

2) iPhone/iPad Store ID. If you App is published, you may set its Apple ID here. The Apple ID can be found on iTunes Connect under the "About this App section". 

If your App is not yet published, then add the Bundle ID once it is released on the Store.

3) Enable "Single Sign On" for each App ID you create. 

* All the other fields need to be left blank.

For Android Platform you need to set an Application Package Name, Key Hashes and enable "Single Sign On".

Package Name. If you submitted the App for publishing at least once, you may find the Application Package Name in App Dashboard .


If you never submitted the App (never requested a build) you may then set any package name in this format: com.anyname.anyname. Use lowercase characters, no spaces and no special characters. 

Make sure to use the same package name once you submit the app for publishing: click here , step 9, point 4 .

Key Hashes. Use this ID for each Android App: nt9/4S7SokcvsH3x45jRA5udL10=

That's all you need in order to get the Facebook options enabled.

Hope this details will help you. Consider to open a support ticket if you will have any questions or issues.