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Dec 24, 2019 08:27 AM

FAQ page type


        We have pleasure to present you the new FAQ page type that is available on Android, Kindle and iOS (iPhone, iPad) platforms. 

Using 'FAQ' is a great way to give offline Support to your customers, because here you will include short and clear info about some topics on your choice. 

        First, find the 'FAQ' in MARKETPLACE and add it to your existing or new application. 

Edit page of 'FAQ' has new interface, where all sets up are integrated in 2 blocks that are colapsed by summary principle, that makes your experience better:


1) General Settings - configure of content design

2) Categories - here you add / edit Category, Question, Answer


1 - General Color - content color

2 - Header image - image that is displayed in header parte of content (with possibility to HIDE or SHOW it).

There is no limitation on image sizes, our developer tool will cut it in the middle with dimensions 200x200px

3 - Search box - box where is searching result by key words (with possibility to HIDE or SHOW it)

4 - Contact us - button that redirect to another page. Text for button and 'Contact Us' area is editable (with possibility to HIDE or SHOW it)


5 - Question Sign - the sign of Questions, it can be Question (?), Number (1,2,3...), Dot (.) or Dash (-). 


6 - Add / Edit new or existing category


6.1 - 'Add' button that allow to add new Category, maximum number of category is 20. 

If you have added allowed number of categories the button becomes inactive.

6.2 - 'Add Question' button, use this in order to add Questions and Answers for categories.

Allowed number of characters for questions is 50, and for answers 300.

If you will add info that doesn't fit with limited number, this text will be cut in compliance with restrictions.  

6.3 - 'Edit Category' button, allow you to edit name and icon for the category

6.4 - Delete Category


        Do not forget about amazing ADS in order to monetize your application, because the FAQ page type support all types of them.

        If you want your FAQ page type to look super original and unique you may customize it from General Style or  Design Properties.

Here you can change the following features: 

  1. Background Image
  2. Background Color
  3. Background Repeat
  4. Background Position
  5. Background Size
  6. Body Margin
  7. Body Padding
  8. Font Style
  9. Font Variant
  10. Text Color
  11. Text Align
  12. Line Height
  13. Letter Spacing


Consider to open a support ticket if you'll have any questions or issues.