Apple Geocoder option added for iOS platforms.    
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Oct 25, 2018 02:02 PM
Hello Seattleclouds memebers,

We are glad to announce that a new Geocoder option for iOS Platforms is released. 

Geocoder is used for "map://" custom scheme and in feedback page type for location field to convert from latitude and longitude to a readable address or place name and for the reverse process. Earlier there was only Google Geocoder available by default. Currently for iOS there was added an option for Apple Geocoder used for location related features, which can be found in Application SettingsPlatform specific options. 

This was done as Google has limited the number of user visits and is requiring a billing information to be added in your Google account, so if the limit is reached users will be charged for additional visits. As an alternative now you can use the Apple Geocoder which for iOS has no visit restrictions. For Apple Geocoder there are no other requirements. For Google Geocoder now you will need to enter the Maps API which you can get from Google Map API section.

For more details you can read related documentation here. In order to enable the API you will also need to enter in your Google account the billing information. Once you will get the Map API Key you will need to add it in Application Settings/Platform specific options section. Geocoder can be changed using sync after the first update, same as the Map API Key.

Hope this details will help you. Consider to open a Support Ticket if you will have any questions or issues.