How to edit Golf Scorecard page    
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Mar 05, 2015 08:51 AM

Are you a golf-player? Do you want to track your leaderboard information?

If the answer is YES to these 2 questions, then definitely you should use the "Golf Scorecard" page in your application.

To add this page type to your app go to its Dashboard in Edit mode and press "+" (Add page) button. 

In the Marketplace page look for the "Golf Scorecard" in the search engine. Follow the instruction to add your page to application.

Once you add the page you'll be automatically redirected to the edit mode for it. All the parameters from the "E-mail", "Hole", "Par", "Player", "Total" and "Total Bar" fields are editable.

1. E-mail =  set a valid e-mail to be able to send the scoreboard to it.

2. Hole = set a name field, we use by default "Hole"

3. Par = set a name field, we use by default "Par"

4, 5. Player 1/2 = set the player's name, you can both set the names on the website and on the previewer page on the device (you can have only 2 players)

6. Total = set a name field, we use by default "Total"

7. Total Par = each player has a number of strokes to complete the play of hole, in this field you need to calculate the total number of strokes per player.

8. Hole Items = here you can add the number of holes, you can use "+" and "-" to add/delete the holes

9. Hole Property = you can edit each hole in this field

9.1 Field Item = you may set here the hole number

9.2 Item name = in this field you can set the holes' name/number

9.3 Par = set the number of strokes available for each player per hole.

10. Do not forget to press Save

Below you can find the settings I have set to my page and how it looks on a real device.


Settings in Edit Mode of the page

This I got on a real device

This page you can share directly from your device to Facebook, Twitter and E-mail. For that you need to press on the button from the right corner of the app. To share the application via Facebook you must create a valid Facebook API Key or App ID. This key you can create on Facebook Developer Website. For more information how to create this key follow the tutorial "How to get a Facebook App ID (Facebook API Key)" .

Options to share the page

Mar 17, 2017 07:54 AM
yea thats looks ok but what about an option for four player card been looking for one still nothing
been looking for someone to developer one still nothing
if i was pointed in right direction i would make it myself