How to add a new font to your application?    
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May 22, 2019 08:58 AM
In this tutorial we'll explain how to add a new font to your application

First of all you'll need to find the new font and download it.

Second it has to be uploaded to your Resource Manager in the app.

Once it's copied you need to call this font family in your style.css in order for it to be available in the app.

For this go to Design Properties.

Open the style.css.

In your style.css you'll need to call the @font-face rule.

Use this code as an example:

@font-face{font-family: Pacifico;
src: url(Pacifico.ttf);

You'll need to add this font to your style.css.

Now you can go and edit your html page as the font family is added.

You can add the font for any text in the page by editing the HTML code.

For example you can use this code:
<font face="Pacifico">Any text you want to input</font>

In result you'll have such text:

Note! There are also other ways to add this font to the pages including just by editing the HTML for entire pages.

Hope these details'll help you. 

Consider to open a support ticket if you will have any questions or issues.