Individual Push Notification message tutorial    
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May 27, 2017 04:21 AM
The Individual Push Notification feature is the best way for you and your clients to send personalized Push Notification messages to a person or a group.

In addition to the Push Notification feature that will be sent to all the app users who have your app installed on their devices, SeattleCloud came with an unique feature: Individual Push Notification feature available for your iOS or Android apps.

How to setup:

1. Enable Authentication

For taking advantage of the new feature you'll need in the first step to enable the App Authentication.  For this please access the App Dashboard and go to Application Settings. Under this menu please go to the Authentication section and enable the Require Authentication option.

**NOTE: Each time when an app user will register he'll get a welcome email. Please customize this email by accessing the "Registration Email Template" part of this section.

2. Submit and Publish your app

The next step will be to publish your app on Apple AppStore or Google Play Store.

Here your may find the steps you need to follow for submitting your app:

How to submit an iOS APP.  Step by step instruction. - LINK
How to submit an Android APP.  Step by step instruction. - LINK

3. Send an Individual Push Message

When the App Users will start to register from their devices for accessing your app content, under the Registered Users table from the Authentication section you'll see the first emails. 

Now you can access the Push Notification menu from the App Dashboard. From this menu you'll be able to send an Individual Push. Write your message and use the Select Users... button for picking one or a group of the registered users.

Pick the needed registered app user.

After you've selected the needed customer, please prepare your message and send it. For more informations about how the Push Messages sending form is working please access this LINK.

In few seconds the message will be sent to the needed customer and only he/she will receive it.

May 29, 2017 09:38 AM
This is great feature, I appreciate your effort,  but without users being able to "retrieve" their passwords, admin not been able to change user passwords, and admin not been able to delete users, this still has development to be done so it really becomes an useful feature.   

In its current version can you please tell me what would need a user do if he forgets his password?  To create a login with another email is not an option.   Thanks. 

Jul 07, 2017 05:52 AM
Push messages doesn't seem to show in announcement.html. Why is it so? Isn't all the push messages be stored into the announcement page if there is one? How can we do this?

We're working on this addition now.
Has this been updated yet? Are we able to store individual messages on an announcement page?

Jul 29, 2017 06:18 PM
what if I already have regular push notifications. Are you saying I have to update the app again for the individual ones or will it work with out sending another update?
Indeed, you'll need a new app update in order for this feature to work.