How to order and install an Instant Ad Hoc on a device    
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Jan 23, 2013 10:17 AM

How to order and install an Instant Ad Hoc on a device

With Instant Ad Hoc you may beta test your app before final release to give out advance copies for feedback from others. Now it becomes much easier allowing testers to run your app on their devices without needing Xcode.

To order an Instant Ad Hoc build type you need to start a submission process for the application you are working on.  

Further you need to provide us with the Distribution Certificate and Ad Hoc Provisioning Profile that can be found at your iOS Provisioning Portal page. 

Distribution Certificate and APP ID

First, you must create a store Distribution Certificate before you can create an Ad Hoc Provisioning Profile(have a look to the following tutorial to create Distribution Certificate).

After you created Distribution Certificate you are almost ready to create Ad Hoc Provisioning Profile. Therefore, to generate Ad Hoc Provisioning Profile need to create APP ID in Identifiers section. This is necessary to link Distribution Certificate with the Ad Hoc Provisioning certificate.

Registering Test Devices

You must have one or more registered devices to create an Ad Hoc Provisioning Profile. This can be done in Devices section.

Each iOS device in an Ad Hoc Profile is identified by its unique device ID (UDID). You can register up to 100 devices per membership year for development and testing. 
* In case you don't know how to find Device ID have a look here.

Creating Ad Hoc Provisioning Profiles

   1. In Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles, select Provisioning Profiles.
   2. Click The Add button (+) in the upper-right corner.
   3. Select from the Distribution Ad Hoc, and click Continue.

   4. Choose App ID that matches your Bundle ID.
   5. Select the certificate you wish to include in this Provisioning Profile, and click Continue.
   6. Select the devices you want to use for beta testing, and click Continue.
   7. Enter a Profile Name, and click Generate

Wait a while Member Center generates the Provisioning Profile.

   8. Download Provisioning Profile, and click Done.

Following these steps you'll get 2 Certificates needed to be uploaded and to continue further the submission process.

Once you've submitted your application you will receive an e-mail with the link to install your application for testing. 

!!!Open this e-mail from your mobile device and tap the link to install your application.

It will take several minutes to run your application on the device, then you'll be able to test it.