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Feb 03, 2015 08:16 AM

How to start your Advertising Campaign 

just in a few seconds?

SeattleCloud presents the Ads Marketplace where you can promote your apps and products to over 100.000.000 consumers worldwide. You can quickly promote your app to the top of the search rankings with no long term contractsNow that you're starting to advertise with SeattleCloud Ads Marketplace, you can promote your apps like never before and increase your revenue and accomplish the clear goal you have set in mind. If you sell jewellery, maybe you want to increase the number of visitor in your shop. If you have started a mobile business, you may want to get people download the apps you publish, thus driving the traffic. All of this is possible by using SeattleCloud Ads Marketplace.

How does it work?

On SeattleCloud Ads Marketplace you will find a Dashboard where you can create Ad Groups, Ad Bids, control Ad Wallet and check Payment History.

"My Ad Bids" - it sets the maximum amount you're willing to pay for each ad click

"My Ad Groups" - a set of keywords, ads and bids 

"Ad Wallet" - add your credit/debit card to fund your budget

"Payment History" - a listed record of payments made since the time the advertising campaign was started.

As an Advertiser, you may create Ads and bid them for the active Billboards in Ads Marketplace.

1) Create Ad Bid and Ad Group

 In order to create an Ad Bid, you need to have at least one Ad and an Ad Group.  

PROFILE → Ad Market Dashboard →  My Bids → My Ad Groups

In order to create an Ad you will have to select an Ad Group from the existing list or to create a new one. Further, you set an Ad Name, Ad Target URL and Ad Image URL (recommended format PNG with the resolution 320x50, 640x100, 480x75, 540x85, 720x112).

PROFILE → Ad Market Dashboard → My Bids →  My Ad Groups → Create AD

2) Fund your Budget 

Once an Ad Group Campaign is created, the next step is to fund your ads.  You can add funds via Credit Card/Debit Card in the Ad Wallet section. The starting budget is just $99.99. Also on this page you can edit wallet payment settings and refill the invoices.  Fill the field with the needed sum and proceed to checkout.

PROFILE → Ad Market Dashboard → My Bids → Ad Wallet

**Recommendation: Transaction Limit (hourly, daily, monthly) gives you the opportunity to have the master control over how much you're willing to spend.

If you exceed the transaction limit,  all the active bids will become inactive. The Transaction Limit will automatically reset after one period cycle (hour, day or month). You may manually reset the transaction limit anytime.


3) Place the bid in Billboards

You may then place Ad Bids for the existing Billboards in Ad Marketplace .

Select the Ad Group which you have created in the my Ad Groups Dashboard and set the bid price per click.

**Recommendation: Pick the app that suits to your target campaign. Check the app statistics before placing your bid. 

4) Use Statistic tool to analyse the Advertising Campaign

PROFILE → Ad Market Dashboard  → My Ad Groups 

Statistic tool measures the number of impressions, clicks and CTR(click-through-rate) which allows you to analyse how profitable is your Advertising Campaign and maximize your ROI(Return on Investment).

Control your budget and create Ad Campaigns for different Target Audiences. You will pay only when your Ad is clicked. We have a completely transparent pricing structure that is one of the best in this industry. Try it now and never regret about the choice you made to grow your business.