Lighter Page Type Tutorial    
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Sep 04, 2012 06:50 AM

In order to add a Lighter page type you need to access your Application's Dashboard and go to "Edit pages" section. Click on Add New Page button, the "+" button below the list of the currently available pages.

1- Select the Lighter Page Type

2- Press Create

After these steps a new Lighter page will appear in your application dashboard. In this page type you can modify the image of the on/off lighter screen.

3 – Select an image from the resource manager/ upload a new one

4 - Select an image from the resource manager/ upload a new one

Now you need to create a link to this page type within your application. This can be accomplished by adding a Lighter Button linked to the Lighter Page Type.

5 – Add a new Menu Item in either of the Menu Type pages (in the example was used the Webkit Menu Page Type)

6 - Link the new created Menu item to the proper Lighter page that you have added in your application

Torch will be available only on devices with built-in LED flash and running iOS 4 and higher. Brightness adjuster is available on devices running iOS 5 and higher.

Here is the Result :

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