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Sep 28, 2011 08:57 AM

The Map type page allows to display the Google map with multiple locations. Locations are determined by latitude/longitude coordinates and are marked by pins on the map. It is possible to provide each location with a brief description and a link to a target URL of a page containing detailed description of the location.

The page should be tested on SC previewer app (The image in the web simulator has no clickable areas). Editing is done in Edit Map Page.

Page displayed on the device:

The Map Title is editable.

Locations can be added (+button) or removed (-button) from “Locations:” table.

In the table “Location details” you can specify name of the place and its coordinates (latitude/ longitude). 

Additionally you can enter a brief description and a link (Target URL) to a page within your app or a web page containing detailed description of the place. 

Page displayed on the device (upon taping on location pin)


Locations can also be entered directly in the app.xml file. 

In the app's Dashboard find the link Edit "app.xml" file 

A Resource Manager window will open with the xml file. 

Scroll down until you find the following code: 

2<name>Location 1</name>
3<latitude>53.408708 </latitude>
4<longitude>-2.157344 </longitude>
5<imageurl> </imageurl>
6<ldescription>About Location 1 </ldescription>
7<ltarget>Location1.html </ltarget>

These xml tags contain the data for each location you input. 

Copy/paste the tags <location>...</locations> for as many locations you want to add and simply replace the valued between <>...</>tags. 


contain the name of location (Location1 can be replaced with a real name of the place) 

Also enter for each location 

1<latitude>... </latitude>
2<longitude>... </longitude>
3<ldescription>... </ldescription>
4<ltarget>… </ltarget>

Enter either link to a page in your app, either URL to a page about “Location1” place. 

Sep 28, 2011 11:38 AM

Going back to a question I had previously asked...

Is there any way that we can set the initial zoom level for this page ?? Sometimes when I have used this, the zoom level is ok - other times, it is zoomed in way too much or zoomed out too far - making the map look very weird.

Also, is there anyway to have various colours for the pointers on the map, instead of all being red ??


On Android is light orange...BTW, can it be change ?

Dec 13, 2011 04:07 AM
Can only get the link to work on some of the pins and not others - is this an normal issue ?

Mar 15, 2012 09:41 AM
how do I show the current position of the app user?
sorry, newbie!

Mar 15, 2012 10:39 AM
Just insert the coordinates, Latitude and Longitude.
where do I find those?? I want the map to open and show the location of the immediately.

Mar 17, 2012 04:05 PM


Is there a reason why I get an error message and the point doesn;t save when I have entered more than nine points?

Mar 27, 2012 07:55 AM
the issue with the error displayed in case of adding a large number locations in a map page will be fixed. 

A workaround for the error returned by the browser would be to add locations directly in app.xml file. In the xml code locate your map type page and copy/paste data for each new locations enclosed between <location>...</location> tags.


        <name>Place name</name>




        <ldescription>About this location</ldescription>



Jun 09, 2012 11:49 AM
Being able to set the initial zoom level would be key. In some cases, the initial zoom level makes no sense untill the user zooms out manualy.

Is there a way to change the initial zoom level?

Jun 23, 2012 05:55 AM
Is there a way to link it to a spreadsheet with thousands of records, so that it will populate pins concentrically based on the location of the user?

Jul 02, 2012 10:17 AM
How do we link a URL for the information for the location (Like Google Maps does) I want to push the Arrow, Have a small Minimap Icon on the top, Information about the place, A way to click (Click here for Directions) and it sends me to the iOS version of Google Maps, to make it more user friendly?

Jul 08, 2012 12:25 AM
Can you confirm that there is no legal issue with Google when one displays company specific information on Google maps, which is accessible to the company clients as users of such service?  THANKS.

Aug 14, 2012 08:35 AM
What is the best way to get the lat/lon  of a location ?

Aug 24, 2012 04:04 AM

One of the simplest ways to get direction of a location is to go on and and click with the right button of the mouse - "whats here"

Do not worry, there is no legal issue with Google.

For all technical questions, please feel free to open support tickets and we will gladly help you. 

Victor Larii,
SeattleClouds Customer Service Support. 

Sep 05, 2012 01:19 PM

Is there a way to force the initial zoom level as well as force the pin to automatically show the information without being tapped?


Sep 05, 2012 11:48 PM

Can the Pin color be change ?
If so, how ?


Sep 06, 2012 09:57 AM
Hi Jimmy,

Unfortunately The Pin color can't be changed.

SeattleClouds Customer Service Support

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