Messenger Page Type Tutorial    
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Mar 27, 2019 02:28 PM
In this tutorial we'll explain how to add and use the Messenger page type in your applications.

Messenger is a page type in which you can chat with different users. This page allow users to send messages to each other via public conversations. When a new message is posted, all application users are notified. 

Let's start using this awesome feature by adding it from the Marketplace.

Now click on it and then on Use this page type button.

In the opened page there are several options you can modify.

Maximum allowed message length - this option allows owner to limit the character length of the message a user can send. Limit can be set from 20 to 255 characters

Conversation - user can set topics for conversations

Conversation properties - option where you can set the name for the topic

Now once you have set all the details you will need to add the Facebook App ID and Google API in order for the users to be able to login.

For more details about the Facebook login consider to read the Facebook App ID Tutorial.

About the Google login option consider to  read the Google Authentication API Tutorial.

Now let's install the app to see this feature in action.

In the actual app as you see the Messenger has a simple easy to use UI.

As we specified you will first need to login. To login you will need to click on the top right corner on your device. On iOS there will be a Sign in button, on Android you will have to click on vertical ellipsis then Sign in.

In the opened page choose an authentication type which you want to use, Facebook or Google and then you'll automatically login.

Same Sign in page opens when you try to send a message without being logged in.

Now in the main page choose a topic and try to send a message.

Here is an example:

In the main page where all the topics are listed there is bell button on Android and Notification button on iOS which redirects to the actual Notification page, where you can set to get notified from the topic you are interested in.

Now that's almost it, except a few mentions.


The Messenger page type is not cross platform.

The Messenger page type can be used only per one application, in other way saying you can't use the same Messenger on different apps. Not a cross app page.

The messages are sent global and are received by all the users of the app. Not a private messenger.

User can see the messages even if he is not logged in. 

Consider to open a support ticket if you will have any questions or issues.


May 21, 2019 03:42 AM
is there anyway to have iOS users chat to Android users and vice versa? When i make an app on SC, I always make an iphone and android version. It would make sense for users of either versions be able to chat with each other. If this is not available what are some options? thank you
Hello Francis, 

Thank you for contacting us.

The Messenger page type is not cross platform. 

Users can chat only via the same app on the same platform. 

For a detailed help you can open a support ticket. 

Best regards,
SC Team