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NOTE: This is a iPhone application in the web simulator. The real iPhone application will utilize iPhone build-in navigation, scrolling and touching functionality. To preview this application on an iPhone Install SeattleCloud App from App Store and log in using your credentials.

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Manage Employee Performance
 In-Design (Paid)
This App contains 121 Skills employees need to perform successfully. Use this information to evaluate, critique, discuss, and reinforce everyday performance. These Skills are grouped into the following Categories: cooperation, communication, customer/client, expertise/development, initiative, problem solving, teamwork, workload management. 1. Use the Impact Examples to assess satisfactory or unsatisfactory performance. These examples offer general ways to evaluate the contributions of your direct reports. 2. Use the Reinforcement Examples to highlight positive contributions. These examples offer general ways to emphasize the importance of specific behaviors, actions, or skills. 3. Use the Notes Section to Input Names of your direct reports and Document Individual Performance; or to Record General Information to help you better manage Overall Performance. Website for Barbara Brown, PhD: