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Rosari IT Mobile Info
This application allows users, especially Rosari IT-Services customers, prospects and partners to have all kind of mobile information, resources and news in their pocket for quick and fast access without going on a web page. About Rosari IT-Services: Rosari IT-Services (RIS) provides professional competence in IT Services for different industries and sectors, especially for the “Hospitality” industry like hotels, hospitals and clinics. Specialized supplier of top-class technologies and services for hotels, business centers and individual residential projects under the “Swiss Quality” label. Rosari provides services to many customers in Europe and Middle East. Building on 25 years experience dedicated to the IT industry. Core businesses are: - Interactive TV (In-Room entertainment and room control for hospitality) - Managed IT Services (Outsourcing, Security and software integration) - Telephony (VoIP and communications solutions) - Signage (digital signage and information systems) Get this handy application for free and stay in touch with us...